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retrohipmama style // new shoes are a girls’ best friend



whoever said diamonds were a girls’ best friend, must never had a new pair of shoes.

shoes can do….um….everything for your outfit and your attitude.

this outfit:
floral/ruffle top from kohl’s
skinny jeans
coral wedges from walmart

yup, i said it, walmart. you’ll be amazed at the treasures you can find if you look.




and a simple blow dry for some waves and we’ve got something i can leave the house in.




what’s better than a new pair of shoes? a new dress to go with them!

pardon the sour face…it was 100 degrees out.

this outfit:
dress from target
sandals from target



i fell in love with the back. look at all the lace, but it still covers straps and keeps it modest.



how about these little arrows huh? cute and delicate and out of my normal comfort colors. trying to tone it down these days.



these shoes. cute and simple sandals that will go with sooooo much in my closet.




how do new shoes make you feel? like a new woman? or does that feeling come from something else? new earrings or a great pair of jeans? whatever it is, i sure hope it makes you feel amazing!

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