weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 24

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oh boy, what a week. a week without our boys. a week with a ton of work but just my guy when i arrived home. here’s a look at how we spent our free time.

monday // june 10

it’s day one and i’m sappy. i always get like this. i don’t know what to do with myself. so i sulked a little.


but it’s texted pictures like this from my mom that make it better. check out this fish gibson caught. 20 inches long and he cleaned and gutted it and ate it for dinner.


tuesday // june 11

some new stamps i ordered arrived and i’m jazzed! the letters are kelly purkey and are divine. they are perfect for small words that i would normally use my lilybee stickers for, but i’ve pretty much run out of the letter e entirely. stamps are the perfect way to be able to use the same letters over and over again without running out!


also, next time i get my hair cut and colored, i want it this shade of red. this is saved on my phone so i can show my girl when i get there.


we went out to eat tonight but didn’t snap any photos. food was delish, as always.
i did however, snap pics of our dessert. at cold stone, i made my own creation of cheesecake ice cream + strawberry ice cream + graham cracker crust + whipped cream + caramel. holy cheesecake ice cream batman!


wednesday // june 12

came home thinking we would have a sensible meal together and hit the sheets early because i have to be up at 3:45 to drive to a client meeting and be there all day. but he can always twist my mind with mexican food.


my guy, chips, salsa. what more do i need?


oh, of course…alcohol. this raspberry margarita was amazing!

his and hers. #kidfreeweek #alittlemexicanneverhurtnobody #pictapgo_app

and i finally got to wear my new houndstooth soda shoes from tilly’s.

seriously in love with my new houndstooth #soda shoes. got 'em at #tillys for $12 on clearance. #pictapgo_app

thursday // june 13

the boss man picked me up at 5am and we swooped up my best girl before hitting up starbucks for some much needed fuel. we were looking at an hour and a half drive ahead of us.

thankfully the sunrise was pretty.

@tastone and i watched the sun come up on our drive this morning. and we will be watching the sun set on our drive home.

we arrived on time and no one fell asleep. tawnya snapped this pic and made up the funny saying. she cracks me up! butte, pronounced with a long u sound, is the county, that’s the joke. get it, like short for beauty. okay, good. 🙂

#whereweare #buttecounty with @tastone

i figured that if i was going to be doing enrollments for 12 hours, and i wore a cute outfit that i’d better document it the only way i could. yep, the bathroom mirror.


and i had cute nails too. got some new jamberry nails and these are budding love.


oh my. that was a looooong day. the end was killer because we hardly saw anyone. thankful for pinterest during the down times. oh hey, do we follow each other on pinterest? if not, follow my boards here.

instead of working 9-5, we literally worked 5-9. yep. that’s 5am to 9pm. yikes! bad news is, my boss and co-worker had to go back this week while i was on vacay and then my first day back after vacation will be tawnya and i going BACK up there. oy.

friday // june 14

today is gonna be rough. being “on” for so long yesterday took a toll on us both. but it was all over when this notification came up on my phone. i could not stop laughing. we were in tears!

the day passed quickly as i prepared for vacation. i so need this time off.


matt and i took a walk this evening and when we got to the school blacktop it was covered from end to end with chalk art. and this was my favorite of them all.


and of course, when i ask for a pic, this is what i get. silly babe.


saturday // june 15

i have a surprise up my sleeve for the boys! they come home tomorrow and i’ve been dying to make them trees swings since we didn’t bring the old swingset with us to the new house.

a few tools and supplies from lowes and i’m ready to make some swings!

just making some tree swings for the boys. #awesomehappenshere

took me about $45 and 90 minutes total (including the shopping). cannot wait to show them tomorrow!


the afternoon was hot so i stayed inside to work on project life some more. and the best thing to join me is napoleon. i double heart this movie.

a little scrappin' and a little napoleon. perfect little saturday.

all dressed up to see one of my best girls in a play tonight. unfortunately the theater was just way too small for my bubble and i started to get claustrophobic. it sucked to have to leave but she understood. and she was wonderful in her part, as always.



since it was after 9 and we still had no kids, and food is what matt and i love…we decided that a late night breakfast at mel’s diner was the perfect way to end our kidless week. then we had apple pie and i was in heaven.

have you ever been to a mel’s diner? it’s the diner that was in american graffiti. my favorite part is the little jukebox at each table. a quarter per song and it plays thru the whole place! tonight matt chose summer wind by frank and i chose come together by the beatles. it was a magical night.


sunday // june 16

just wanted to wish my papi a happy father’s day. 🙂


the boys are home! the boys are home!



these are some serious camping feet.


and this is some serious after camping sleep. he conked out before 4pm.


life is good. the boys are home. days are back to normal. some re-configuring is happening after a week with grandparents but overall, they are perfect and are happy to be home.

happy week y’all.

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