hello workweek // i haven’t missed you. i’ve enjoyed being home. not wearing makeup. keeping my alarm off. being home with the kids. making snacks and cuddling in the middle of the day. but you are a constant and i am grateful for small vacations that take me away from your stresses.

hello gridley // again with this town. again with a 16 hour day. the only thing that makes this tolerable is that tawnya and i will be trucking up there by ourselves. she’s one of the only people i would leave the house at 5am with. and it’s the last time for the year. but it’s on my first day back to work. ugh.

hello big brother // not our spying government though. i mean the stupidly addicting reality show that matt and i watch each summer starts this week. full of antics and showmances and drama, it’s a summer staple.

hello rain // the forecast shows 2 days of rain and cool temps and then skyrocketing heat for the rest of the week. whatever june, i thought i knew you.

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