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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 25

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well hello there! how was your week? wanna peek into mine? come on, let’s go.

monday // june 17

found this on facebook and couldn’t help sharing. honestly, in a day, i can go from mac miller to 80’s pop to the bee gees and end the day with malt shop oldies. did you know that i like music? i wrote a post about it…

Photo: :) that would be a good description of my tunes. Lol

tuesday // june 18

just a little lunch and a little game of sorry with my little guy. and yes, we’re still in our pjs at 12:30. that’s how we roll when mama’s on vacation.

a little lunch and a little sorry with the boy. #pictapgo_app

then it was back to scrappin’ when he took his nap. and yes, our girls twilight layout got a full spread because it’s that important. hey, don’t judge, it was the final movie and the last time we’ll get this excited about a movie premiere.

Photo: why yes, nov 16 does get its own 2-page spread. because its our twi-hard moms day and theres alot to document. #donthate also, am I the only one who completely cleans my work surface when starting a new layout? #ocd #pictapgo_app

wednesday // june 19

took a little stroll to target and came home with a ball. gibson was nice enough to hold it for marshall so it didn’t go out into the street.


earning their keep.


prepping for a little family bbq. john dailies, beer and rum + coke for me. 🙂 happy wednesday!

Photo: Like you've never been driven to this by noon on a Wednesday.

yeah, i could get used to this.

hello wednesday. you seem like a perfectly acceptable day to drink and grill. #pictapgo_app

so grampa cannot throw a football into a tree to get down a stuck ball. noted.


just a little splashing with cousins.


it’s 1am and i’m trying to get to sleep. this is when the battle begins: the rum says ‘we’re very tired and its time for bed’ but the coke says ‘no no, we’re good. lets stay up and hang out’. —  feeling confused.

thursday // june 20

just hanging out on the patio.


this beats a mcflurry any day of the week.

better than a mcflurry any day. #reesesminisaresoyummy #pictapgo_app

friday // june 21

we took a stroll to the park as a family for some play time and basketball.


yay, a star!




he let me snap just one.


a little one on one.


nuthin’ but net.


this is the project life home stretch…week 51 is upon us.

#projectlife // week 51 // finally at the home stretch of 2012 // 2 more weeks to go! #pictapgo_app

gibson: mom, do i have to take a picture with him?




i normally don’t like getting wet but i had gibson spray my feet because it was super hot out!


awww, see….now that’s a cute picture!

boys. #summer #pictapgo_app

later we had s’mores to celebrate the first day of summer.





#firstdayofsummer #summerfun #photoshake #pictapgo_app

summer just isn't summer without one of these. #radioflyer

saturday // june 22

we watched my little nephew play soccer this morning and then went back to his house for some pool time. caleb is a fish, marsh is more like a sand crab. he likes to sit on the step and has not drifted into the pool yet, but that’s okay with us.

this felt soooo good ona  hot day.


OMG you guys! i found the most amazing iphone app this weekend…i’m sharing it on the blog this week!


i really thought that being home all week and having time to run and workout would be a good get-back-on-track time but i have failed. i kinda ate whatever and didn’t use my time to be active. so when my body craves fresh fruit, i’d better feed it.

you taste better than anything I've had all week. #eatingclean

as seen on facebook: they’re supposed to be cleaning but instead they are smelling each other’s feet. i better put a stop to this before they start sniffing each other’s butts. uhhh, too late.

it’s movie night and marshall picks the polar express. doesn’t this kid know it’s not december? — watching The Polar Express.

sunday // june 23

rain? what the what?


mama, i need a hug!


goodbye 2012. i am so done with you!

that's a wrap // 2012 #projectlife is complete // updates and details on the blog this week!

mmmmm, those were delicious.


half a face is better than no face.

because he runs from the camera, sometimes I only end up with half of his face. at least it's a cute half. #pictapgo_app

reason #547 that big brothers rock.




gibson: “i’m gonna major is tree climbing when i get older.”
me: “well son, its good to have goals.”


and that’s all she wrote. no literally. this is all i’m writing. until tomorrow! 🙂

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