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project life // recalling memories

i do not have the memory of an elephant.

i cannot recall some major and minor details of life. but who can keep them all straight, really, when you’re a working mommy/wife with a creative mind that also needs to remember class projects and insurance rules and friend’s birthdays and who said what when, and when matt will be on a shoot? there’s just no more real estate sometimes.

which poses a giant issue beings that my main and favorite hobby is documenting life through scrapbooking. which kinda requires remembering what happens in our daily lives.

problem #1: as we just learned, i’m forgetful.

problem #2: as you know from my numerous project life posts, i’m about 6 months behind.

thankfully i have facebook, which is what i use to recall the funny things the boys say and do, and to remember which pictures were taken when. like a journal, facebook is a great way for me (because i am pretty active) to record everyday life.

problem #3: facebook’s timeline is clunky. i’m not even going to go into the details about how many steps it takes to get to a month of a certain year. now, once you’re there, it’s great. i can see, in order, all my posts and pictures and check-ins. this is what i refer to each time i scrap.

and as an iphone user, i always wondered why apple never made it an option to add a note to pictures taken. THIS would be an amazing upgrade for us memory keepers. or geez, i dunno, maybe show the stinkin’ date in the photo options, something other than just on the file itself when you plug in.

okay, done with my rant. love the iphone, it changed my life, but i was constantly searching for how i would keep track of the pictures and memories all together. eventually, i figured out my own system, which you can read about here. it works, but again, clunky and a lot of steps.

fast forward to this past weekend. being on a stay at home vacation allowed me to spend an enormous amount of time finishing up 2012 (which can be found here and here). and as i stalked pinterest on my ipad for inspiration i came across something that made my heart jump out of my chest. immediately, and i mean like i put down my glue stick and clicked through the links until i found the name of this glorious app, immediately. as i searched and skimmed, i was praying that it wouldn’t be a dud. would it be useful? could it really do what i needed it to do?

holy freaking yes sir it can!

solution: may i introduce you to…….MOMENTO.


this free (for now, so hurry and grab it here!) app feeds your social media posts and pics to one calendar based platform.


your stuff can be viewed in a list format and can be sorted by earliest first or latest first. i like latest first, personally.


or you can see a month at a time and the blue dots mean there was activity on that day.


when you go to a single day, it shows everything from that day. whatever you have feeding to momento, it will show up on the calendar.


not only can it feed from facebook, twitter, instagram and many others, you can add a moment and attach a photo to it from your camera roll, or even take a new picture directly from the app. i mean seriously, this is my dream app!



momento is now installed on both of my devices so i can scroll and view moments on my ipad when i’m scrapping or make a quick note while i’m out with my iphone in hand.

i’m officially hooked! and i have not been paid to write this post, all opinions are my own. when i find an app or product that works for me, i want to share it with you! if you struggle with keeping your memories recorded, momento might be the thing for you. 🙂

happy documenting!

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3 thoughts on “project life // recalling memories”

  1. WOW!! This does sound awesome and perfect for you!! I will look into getting this too. I’ve always thought they should give us more info for our pictures too, would help us so much.
    For now though since I’m a weekly PL and usually stay caught up but have slipped many times, using a sticky note that’s on the page for that week. I write down all that I want to remember and what pictures I plan on using. In the past I kept a notebook and wrote all this down each time but this year somehow found me with a huge stack of sticky notes and so that’s what I use.
    Sometimes I even fill out a journal card if it’s just a story/staying with no pictures to go with it. I try to slip in all paper stuff right then too so they don’t get lost or forgotten about.
    thanks for sharing your tips with us, you are a sweetie! Enjoy this new way of making life or Project life easier for you.

    1. I am all over the sticky notes idea! I love them and use them all the time too. Glad you have found something that really works for your pace of PL. 🙂


      Andrea Gray


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