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weekend pinterest projects

with this kind of weather upon us, there’s not going to be much reason for us to leave the house this weekend.


and since i am all out of pictures to scrap, the plan is to keep busy while the outside world sweats.

// alter a t-shirt by dollars sense and more

// make some shorts by made by roo

// apple art by modern parents messy kids

// be active, inside of course (sorry about the language, but it gets the point across)

// let my kid fly by doodle craft

// get wet by icandy handmade

// paint my nails a bright color like this by supppshell

do you have any weekend projects planned?

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2 thoughts on “weekend pinterest projects”

  1. WOW!! You always find such cool ideas to do on weekends! How awesome are you not just taking the days off after working all week. Can’t wait to see what you will do, please share!
    I don’t have plans, kids and Rich are at movies today since it’s raining out. Hoping to go to track later today and tomorrow if weather breaks. Work on PL is always on the weekends. Looking thru the videos from a class just started last week. Sketching and working on my index card a day, got behind and need to catch up. Oh and the best is right now sitting and catching up on your sweet little blog!!
    Enjoy the weekend and WOW, thank goodness it’s not that hot here, I would melt for sure!

    1. sometimes my eyes are bigger than my actually motivation. during the week when i’m stuck at work, i long for full days of crafting and projects but sometimes, i just want to be lazy on the weekends. i did get some cool stuff done this weekend, will be sharing on the blog for sure! glad you get your crafting time in, it is so super important for us creative types! hugs!!   


      Andrea Gray 


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