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lately, i’ve been coming back to this quote. it’s quite profound and needs little explanation. feeling blessed to be me in this life God has blessed me with.


now….on to the fun stuff!

listening to: i just updated my feel good playlist on spotify, it makes me feel good. old school r&b like the commodores and the delfonics. you can find that playlist here. the great gatsby soundtrack. omg, i cannot get enough of this whole album. song i can’t get enough of are: down the road by c2c, pusher love girl by jt, i love it by icona pop, ways to go by grouplove, and let’s go by matt & kim

watching: summer tv is the best. don’t get me wrong, i miss my fall shows, but the summer brings fun and mindless shows for me to indulge in. falling skies. big brother. a new show called under the dome. sytycd. masterchef.

playing: wheel of fortune on the iPad. as a kid, i would watch wheel of fortune on tv every night and loved solving the puzzles before the contestants. now marshall and i play and he loves spinning the wheel and tries so hard to figure out the words. what i love most is that he’s seeing words come together and it’s also teaching him math when we get multiple letters.

looking forward to: seeing huey lewis in concert next weekend. taking a trip to a beach somewhere before the summer ends. having friends over for summer bbqs. that marshall finally wants to see a movie in the theater. he wants to see turbo and it will be our very first family movie together. seeing the new wolverine movie.

eating: lots of proteins. lots of veggies. tons of fresh fruit. peaches, kiwi, strawberries. anything to keep away the junk food cravings. yesterday i made a delicious shrimp and avocado salad. i might throw the recipe up here next week. Untitled

drinking: cucumber ice water and plain ol’ ice water. nothing better in the summertime. other than a rum & coke.

wearing: summer dresses. ponytails. skirts. shorts and tanks. keeping it cool when it’s blazing hot out.

working on: some pinterest projects. working out regularly. laundry. a new wooden sign for the bedroom.

noticing: marshall is making a lot of forts. he’s phasing out of trains. gibson is getting calls from girls and he’s totally confused my the tween girl line of questioning.

app-loving: the new rhonnadesigns app is AMAZING!!! it’s $2 and i can’t even see how it will ever get old. there is so much stuff that i run into new things each time.

i made this little nugget using her app and am using it for my lock screen. if you like it, feel free to save it for yourself. Untitled

also, momento just happened into my life a couple weeks ago and you can see my review here.

reading: blogs on bloglovin’. really loving having my magazines on my iPad too but i would really love a new book to read. any suggestions? i prefer time period reads versus stories that are set in modern times.

loving: how much i dig our new house. it’s clean and subtle walls and open spaces make me happy. loving that i still love it.

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately. what have you been ______ lately?

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2 thoughts on “drea lately”

  1. I LOVE IT! I love that song, super catchy and fun! Rhonna’s app is so much fun!! Love that it is packed with tons of features, and overlays!! Huey Lewis, how fun!!
    I am going to snag your prompts for this if that’s cool?! I need to get a button from you for my side bar too!

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