weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 27

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this week felt a bit uneventful. i had to refrain from taking as many pics as i normally do because my phone is so full (and old) that i can only store about 25-30 at a time (i need an upgrade like nobody’s business) and this is what i normally take in a 2 day span. so i was thinking that when i got to this post i wouldn’t have much to share. turns out, the moments i did capture are still the very little details that make this little life of mine shine.

so, here’s a glimpse into this little life of mine…

monday // july 1

… we sweated through a week-long heat wave.


… i enjoyed pretty nails.


… i saw a half nekked kid trying to climb his tree.


… i decided that a braid was what this dress needed.


… i went on three mid-morning walks with my bestie and office patna before temps reached 100.


… we listened to an updated but old school playlist.

#fmsphotoaday // july1: happiness is an old school playlist on a monday morning. #happiness #pictapgo_app #spotify

… marsh danced to a classic eighties jam.


tuesday // july 2

… a new record was met. my hair was worn down all day. no ponytails here.


… we stayed air conditioned.


… an open sunroof was too good to pass up.


… a major craving for mashed potatoes was indulged and made healthy with greek yogurt and avocados instead of milk and butter.

had a super craving for potatoes since they're not an everyday food for us anymore. they were so darn good I ate them before I could take a pic. I used red potatoes, Greek yogurt, garlic, green onions and avocado. sooooo delicious! #pictapgo_app

… watched a bee buzz around my yard.


… his shoes grew overnight.

#fmsphotoaday // july2: shoes // the shoes of a kid who rides his bike to target, washes my car and plays outside with his brother. the bigger these shoes get, the more mature he gets and that is what I love about raising these boys. #sappymommymoment

wednesday // july 3

… a pretty sunrise was captured.

my beautiful morning sky // plus the new #rhonnadesigns app is now in the app store. i am having a blast in there! #heyrhonna #rhonnadesigns_app

…kept the water flowin’ while running errands.


…gave in to the desires of the boys.


…gave in to my own temptations.


thursday // july 4

…had fun with some fun & festive nail art.

#fmsphotoaday // july4: sportin' the red, white + blue today. ❤ swimmin' + chillin' + bbqin' later. happy birthday america!  #rhonnadesigns_app #heyrhonna #independenceday #nailart

…made a delicious shrimp salad.


… forts were built.



…ready for a hot day full of family and fun.

having fun with the new #rhonnadesigns_app and am amazed that there's so much to work with. they may have thought of everything! #rhonnadesigns #heyrhonna

…consumed a couple rum runners in a red solo cup.

#redsolocup #rumrunners #pictapgo_app

…let this kid eat 2 cookies before dinner.


… and a lollipop


…enjoyed time with cousins.



…got a bit creative with the slip ‘ slide and the pool.

#redneckpoolslide #theyarelovingthis

…had fun with sparklers.



friday // july 5

…played around with the new rhonna farrer app.


…learned a new game with marshall.


…saw this kid concentrate and school me.


saturday // july 6

… enjoyed a fancier version of my daily egg breakfast.

on weekends, my eggs get a little fancier. added green onions and tomatoes to my normal eggs, spinach and turkey sausage. happy saturday! #pictapgo_app

…finally installed the cabinet knobs.


…was proud of my work.


…watched matt give gibson a lesson in grilling.


… made this kid a jetpack.


sunday // july 7

… headed to the lake for some fun.

chores are done, it's time for fun! we're lake bound. #pictapgo_app

… met my MIL and little nephew there. we played and snacked.



#fmsphotoaday // july7: where I was // enjoying the lake



his favorite part // jumping the waves #folsomlake #sundayfunday #summerfun #godobe

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