weekly wrap up

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 28

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monday // july 8

a blurb in august’s issue of family circle confirms what i already knew: music is the cure-all.


tuesday // july 9

did a little housecleaning on the blog this week. i cleaned up the header and simplified the social buttons. that felt good.


as seen on facebook: tonight, i asked gibson to put my bowl in the sink. he asked what i had and i replied, “peaches”. his response was “millions of peaches? peaches for me?” he’s pretty much the coolest kid ever.

thursday // july 11

got this reminder, pssshh, as if i’d forget.

this reminder popped up last night. number one: that's freaking happening ❤ and number 2: did I really think I was gonna forget???

friday // july 12

my facebook friends may have been annoyed with me today. i participated in #12on12 and took a photo an hour for 12 hours and posted on instagram and facebook.


mid-afternoon, i get this from matt. he’s the funniest person i know.


our friday night consisted of setting up a music video of marshall playing just dance 4 to livin’ la vida loca. will be posting it here when it’s finished, fo sho.

making a music video in the living room. this is our friday. #livinlavidaloca #justdance4 #pictapgo_app

we had a very eventful weekend to apparently make up for snapping hardly anything during the week.

saturday // july 13

early morning shopping.


shadow pic!


a quick family pic to send to a friend of ours who we just got back in contact with.


marshall “drove” while dad ran in.


gibson was tired but thankfully let me snap a little gem. he sure is a handsome almost 12 year old.


marshall wanted me to take funny face pics of him but ended up with something from a horror movie.


our neighbors were selling lemonade so we walked down to support our little entrepreneurs.


i am SOOOOOO ready for the show! going casual since we’re having dinner and drinks before the concert.


huey bound. no kids. bumpin’ tupac. got my guy. life is good.


in my hand. it’s getting real up in here.

in my hand! #pictapgo_app

the venue was perfect. outdoors. warm but in the shade. setting sun behind us.

it may look like we’re far away, but that’s the camera perspective. we were about 15 rows back and were still close enough to see everything.


me and my mother-in-law!


me and my rum+coke.


huey was strong tonight! i was afraid that they might phone it in, but man oh man, he was belting and hollering and seriously hittin’ it hard on the harmonica. that’s my favorite, the harmonica. especially in their songs. and the horns. oh how i love a good horn section!

they played most of the hits: power of love, bad is bad, workin’ for a livin’, trouble in paradise, do you believe in love, honky tonk blues, i want a new drug, walkin’ on a thin line, the heart of rock and roll and heart and soul. i was mostly looking forward to hip to be square, my favorite HL&TN song EVER, but they didn’t play it or doin’ it all for my baby.


don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed literally every.single.second. nothing could wipe the smile off my face while i sang out loud, pumped my fists and danced in front of my seat (with my MIL by my side!). i have crossed off an important band on my concert bucket list. and i will never forget the feeling of seeing the horn section sway side to side together or hearing the harmonies live with my own two ears or seeing the excitement in huey as he performed songs that bring back some of the happiest of my childhood memories.


the finale included an extended version of workin’ for a livin’ while he introduced the band members. they ended the song with full on flashing lights, the band at full rock & roll power and a final statement that will stay with me for the rest of my days: “i’m huey lewis…….and you’ve just heard the news!”

yes, yes i have!

and while i stepped back into my youth, my two youths spent time with their cousin.







sunday // july 14

and again this morning…snackin’ and sun bathin’




another fun week filled with memories and milestones.

how about you?

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