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hello new blog colors // when i re-did my blog design a while back, i loved it. the bright and bold colors really screamed ‘me’ at that moment and they made me happy.  =)  as you may have noticed, there’s a retro side of me (surprise!) that was struggling to be shown but i wasn’t comfortable with any of the color schemes i put together. until now. thanks to a few pinterest colorways, i’m as hep and happy as can be. it’s like my little blog got some cool new threads. the stars, the retro blue and the cherry red just do something wonderful for my soul.

hello again blog // taking last week away from blogging wasn’t intentional, i honestly had no time to even think about it. work and studying for a big test just ran me over and i felt like a was hit by a freight train at the end of each day. but it feels good to be back!

hello style // you’ll never believe what kind of post you’re gonna see here this week….yup….a helloSTYLE post. i’m back ya’ll. been feeling a super creative lately and it’s flying from my closet! also toying with the idea of a video about the steps i take to put an outfit together, something…i dunno. just thinkin’.

hello running weather // with temps dipping into the low 90’s this week, i think i will take advantage and hit the running trail. my drive to exercise has been er…shall we say…lack luster and running always kicks me back into gear.

hello august // uuuuum, i don’t recall inviting the eighth month to the party so soon. how in the heck did we get here? it’s quite possible that i fell down a green mario bros. tube in june and ended up here in the last week of july. this month brings a multitude of events: about a thousand birthdays fall in this month, including matt’s and gibson’s. school starts in exactly 2 weeks. gibson’s schedule pick up is next week and that starts this whole new-school-year-thing. eeeeek!

i realize its late and it may even be tuesday when you’re reading this but i have to ask…what are you saying hello to this week?

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