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okay, so i am still trying to figure out the best time and place to take good pictures of my outfits in this new house. here’s the reality: my hair, makeup and clothes look best first thing in the morning, but the lighting isn’t all that great during those minutes before i’m rushing to make breakfast and get out the door at ten ’til seven. the light is best when i get home, but most days i just wanna jump into something comfy the minute i walk through the door.

so please forgive some of the less-than-stellar quality pics here and in the future, i’m either going to go back to using my good camera and tripod or enlist the help of one of my trusty household photographers.

but until then, here are five outfits that i wore this week, using mostly pieces that have been purchased at least a year ago. if it’s a new-ish item, i’ll tell ya. but my goal is to utilize what i have. continuing to shop in my closet can be challenging, but the reward is creating an outfit that you’ve never worn before.

one // i love mixing retro colors with modern pieces. it’s hard to see my hair style, but i’ve got some faux victory rolls goin’ on. 

black skinnies: kohl’s
striped tee: old navy
yellow cardi: target
red flats: marshall’s

other details // red button earrings, made by me and red necklace


two // trying to play with colors today, keeping it simple, and making a weird face.

teal top.
skinny jeans: kohl’s
coral pendant earrings: old navy

three // finally! getting this shot has been a dream of mine since i brought my gram’s piano home last year. but it sat in my garage until april when we moved to a place where it could live inside. i had a little solo photo shoot, and LOVE how these turned out.

my favorite dress in the entire world. found at kohl’s.
red belt that came with a skirt many years ago.



four // it’s friday and i want to wear houndstooth.

graphic tee: target
skinny jeans: kohl’s
houndstooth shoes: tilly’s
houndstooth hair clip: gift from tawnya

five // pulling in all the colors from the tank, teal, coral and yellow are a modern and neutral (for me) combo.

teal 3/4 sleeve.
floral tank: target
coral wedges: walmart
yellow drop necklace: very jane

what did you wear this week? i bet you looked amazing.
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6 thoughts on “helloSTYLE”

  1. I absolutely loved every outfit, as I was scrolling I am thinking, love, love, oooo love! Can I ask, on your yellow necklace, did you take the little balls off? I have it in coral and love it, but those little balls and forever clanking lol!

    1. hi! thanks sweets! to answer your question about the necklace, yes, I took the small balls off because I was disappointed that they were a different and not coordinating color yellow than the other pieces. it looked really weird so I snapped ’em off. still love the necklace and love how the coral one looks!

    1. hey julie! thanks girl, glad you came by! i now give you permission to take those little balls off your necklace…they are cute, but kinda annoying, right?


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