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flashback friday // a week in the life

oh how i adore looking back at this project.
such an enjoyable feat it was.
the design.
the words.
the editing.

this week, 2 years ago, i embarked on a week-long photo project that captured the bits and details of our everyday life.

with the time it took to shoot, edit and design this project, i just couldn’t do it the following year. but today, as i reminisce about how much i LOVED this project, i am feeling like it’s almost time to take it on again.

hopefully by september, which is when the next week in the life is locked in for, my camera and my creative eye will be ready.

but until then, let’s take a look back to 2011:


1-FRIDAY_morning_main 2-FRIDAY_morning_colage 3-FRIDAY_afternoon_main 4-FRIDAYafternoon_collage 5-FRIDAY_night_end 6-SATURDAYmorning_main 7-SATURDAYmorningafternoon_collage 8-SATURDAYevening_collage 9-SATURDAYnight_end 10-SUNDAY_morning_main 11-SUNDAY_morning_collage 12-SUNDAY_afternoon__collage 13-SUNDAY_evening_main 14-SUNDAYevening_collage 15-MONDAY_morning_main 16-MONDAY_morning_collage 17-MONDAY_afternoon_main 18-MONDAY_afternoon_collage 19-TUESDAY_morning_main 20-TUESDAY_morning_collage




24-WEDNESDAY_morning_collage26-WEDNESDAY_evening_main 27-WEDNESDAY_night_collage28-THURSDAY_morning_main







interested in capturing a week of your life? join us in september. we’ll be the crazy kids with cameras covering half of our faces.

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