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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 31


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monday // july 29

the green bay schedule. that is all.


tuesday // july 30

found this iphone wallpaper on facebook, isn’t it cute?


wednesday // july 31

again, another wallpaper that just spoke to me. it’s my current lock screen.


thursday // august 1

he’s such a crazy kid. all the pics before this were funny smiles but this one he said he wanted to look mean. well done, son.


friday // august 2

friday night movie with gibson, and we watched 42. such an amazingly inspirational and heart wrenching film. but the wardrobes and music were just as great! i have already made a playlist on spotify with the soundtrack and the score. 🙂


saturday // august 3

a beautiful mess has a #selfportraitchallenge on instagram right now. this one made the cut for just being simple. still having so much fun with the #rhonnafarrer_app!
2day, less is most // #selfportraitchallenge #rhonnadesigns #heyrhonna #rhonnadesigns_app


we celebrated our 5yo nephew’s birthday today. and this little sneak (not the birthday boy) took a swig of my rum & coke when i was chatting with cousins. as you can tell, he liked it.

Somebody took a swig of my rum & coke when I wasn't looking. Is it guilty in here?


a huge leap for marshall today, he swam in the pool by himself (and the help of his lifejacket). gibson was there to keep an eye on him but once he let go of the side, he kicked and paddled his little heart out. so super proud of him!

today is the day // marshall finally trusted the life jacket and moved off the steps // thumbs up for mr. marsh-man! #rhonnadesigns #heyrhonna #rhonnadesigns_app



sunday // august 4

happy birthday to the gibber!
happy twelfth birthday to gibson // the funniest, silliest,  and sweetest dude // love you, love your show @xxpringlesxx #happybirthday #rhonnadesigns_app #photoshakeapp


he got itunes money and junk food to keep him alive while he played all day.



and donuts for breakfast.




football is on and there’s food on the grill. my heart is super happy.

football is on and there's food on the grill. my ❤ is super happy. #pictapgo_app


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