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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 32+33

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what pictures do you paint with your photos? do they tell the raw truth or do you cover up real life with filters and smiles?

this week, i’m taking you behind the lens and telling you what’s really going on. because life isn’t all sunshine and roses. but i know that it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.



monday // august 5

not wanting his picture taken, gibson ate his belated birthday ice cream quietly while marshall was enthusiastic about every single bite.


after watching BOLT last weekend, marshall felt it necessary to stick his head out of the window while we drove home. (picture taken by gibson). i wanted him to have fun, and experience how the wind felt in his face, but i made him wait until we got into our neighborhood so i was going a bit slower. don’t worry, he had his seatbelt on.


tuesday // august 6

schedule pickup day and as a seventh grader, gibson finally has some classes upstairs. he saw some girls chatting and playing with their phones in the hallway and walked a little taller when he saw them. he was very comfortable walking around this year but didn’t want me to take his picture. sometimes i just have to sneak a shot when i can get it.


wednesday // august 7

my parents are in oregon so my daddy asked if i would buy him (and us) a lottery ticket. the jackpot was big, but this baby wasn’t a winner. i used to dream of what i would do if i won the lottery. who i would help and how many places i would shop. but at this time in my life, there’s not much time for this kind of fanciful dreaming. besides, we don’t play the lottery anyways.


it felt great to sketch again. with so much project life happening lately, i’ve been missing this craft. but underneath this sketch, i’ve also been struggling with the idea of perfectionism, what the word means and how it affects certain aspects of my life. therefore, i will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection, as tough as it may be.


thursday // august 8

waiting at a light and thought a selfie would be a good way to pass the time. i feel like crap but i liked my hair. can we still feel pretty while feeling terrible?


friday // august 9

seriously, where the heck is john? one day he just came up missing from this set of magnets i keep on the filing cabinet at the office and i think yoko may have had something to do with it.


it’s friday night and i’ve been feeling this cold coming on since yesterday. i feel awful but thankful to have preseason to watch.


saturday // august 10

i NEED this top, desperately. and i will confess that i really like how blouses look on other people but am a bit afraid of them. when i see them on the rack, i honestly don’t know what to do with them. and if i don’t know how to wear it, i’ll just avoid it.


this was my attempt at trying to be creative when i was trying to recover from that nasty cold. needless to say, none of these things happened but it was fun to feel motivated to craft again.

sunday // august 11

we took a little trip to marshall’s school so he could see where he’s be playing and learning everyday.


he’s still super afraid of the monkey bars.


when i asked for a picture, this is the smile i got. i know it must be annoying for him to have had some kind of camera in his face all these years but he can be very gracious with me. i totally understand how that might feel so i am happy when he even looks my way without a funny face.


i don’t normally wear leggings outside of the house but i was barely starting to feel better and we were just walking down the street to the school and park. i shouldn’t be so self conscience but i am.


my view at the park while marshall plays and matt and gibson walk around the walkway.


no make-up today and i haven’t washed my hair in 3 days. being sick sucks.


watching them chat and walk made me smile. gibson’s growing up and i like the relationship he has with us.


time for an otter pop. did you know that a box of 500 otter pops can last over 3 years? #cantgetridofthem


my boys love the 3d glasses from the movies. they pop the lenses out and act like little nerds. 🙂



monday // august 12

the first day of school pictures didn’t go as well as i imagined. not sure why i expect little angels to stand straight with their little hands clasped in front of them. i have real kids. real boys who make faces at the camera and who mess around with each other while i try to get the perfect shot of them both looking at me. but no matter how many times i ask them to stand up straight! look at me! stop tugging on your brother! i always end up with a shot or two like this that remind me of the nature of their relationship and that when i let go and let them be themselves, i get shots that really show them off.



stats: gibson // age 12 // grade 7 #hessocool


well, i really just wanted a picture of me and the boys before school and apparently, that’s what i got. ended up going with the flow of marshall trying to avoid the camera and got one of my favorite shots.

we certainly aren't bored // #heyrhonna #rhonnadesigns_app

he’s so ready for this. and so are we. matt’s for sure ready for them to go back to school. 🙂 we’ve been working on his sight words for a few weeks, trying to get him back into the school groove because i will confess that this summer we allowed a lot more video game time than we normally would. but with that, comes some transitioning away from games. he’s a good kid, but once video game are introduced, nothing quite compares to that kind of excitement. so trying to make coloring and trains and toys more exciting is a bit challenging.


to celebrate the first day of school, we took the boys to red robin for burgers, onion rings and shakes. confession: fried food just doesn’t taste the same anymore. no matter how much my brain tells me i want it, my taste buds have changed since eating so well lately. but when there’s an oreo cookie milkshake in front of me, i will drink it.




tuesday // august 13

a new jamberry design that my mom chose called candy scallop.


matt is teaching marshall how to play chess and the little smarty pants is picking it up like a champ. he definitely excels in games with certain rules and strategies.


wednesday // august 14

i have been trying to accomplish this feat since 2010. that’s when i took and failed this test for the first time. being new-ish to this side of insurance, i didn’t grasp some of the concepts and i didn’t do well studying by myself.

but with all the new healthcare reform crap, being licensed is a must. so tawnya and i strapped on our thinking hats and dug down during work hours to wrap our brains around all these crazy regulations.

and when we both passed, our boss told us to go celebrate! and we did!

a celebratory drink (or two) with my best girl. #wepassed #margaritasareagirlsbestfriend @tastone

thursday // august 15

i just love his face. that is all. also, he messes around with his tongue when he watches tv.


friday // august 16

i actually pulled over to get this shot while i was driving to meet my girls for some karaoke. i may have gotten a weird look from a car that passed by me with my camera out the window. but i don’t care, i love it.


i got new pretties today and am so excited to wear them out tonight. i found these earrings and necklace at target, both on clearance and less than $15 for both. SCORE!

got my pretties on and I'm ready for some drinks and girl time and singin'!  #pictapgo_app

these are some seriously amazing ladies! when we learned that the karaoke machine wasn’t going to work tonight, we jumped on yelp and found the next closest karaoke bar. it turned out to be a dive, and not in a good way, filled with all the riff-raff you can imagine but we were together and we danced to hip-hop music and then spent over 3 hours chatting at denny’s over milkshakes and fries.

even though our night didn't go as planned and we didn't get to belt out any tunes, I had an amazing time with these ladies!

i adore every. single. one of these ladies. it’s a special find when you just “get” each other.


saturday // august 17

we did most of gibson’s school clothes shopping this weekend and one of his finds is this super rad graphic tee.

reason number 574 that gibson is the coolest kid // we found this tee at #target and he's totally diggin' it! #itsallgoodinthehood #mrrogers #pictapgo_app

confession: i rarely listen to pop music. it’s so rare in fact, that i have only one playlist of current-ish pop music on spotify and i actually titled it “pop songs i’m embarrassed to admit i like“. so naturally i don’t have pop stations programmed in the vehicles and only heard this song a few weeks ago when we went dancing.

but now i can’t stop. this song makes every part of me want to move. it’s just one of those songs that gets into my veins and can completely change my mood. and once it’s over, i feel like nothing can top it. it’s THAT good. so i asked my instagram friends if they were over it or still bumpin’ it. what say you?

seriously cannot get enough of this song. it makes every part of my body want to move. are you over this song already or still bumpin' it?

sunday // august 18

happy sunday y’all! the husband got all crazy and picked up donuts early this morning. i cursed him while i shoved these in my face.


a preseason match up between matt’s team and my team. and my packers wrapped up the rams in butcher paper and grilled ’em good. haha!



hope your end-of-summer weeks have been full of real good life. don’t forget to document it, even when it’s less than perfect.

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