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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 34

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around here…


tuesday // august 20

…there’s been 3 major fires surrounding us and it’s made the air super hazy.

crazy hazy sunrise #nofilter


wednesday // august 21

…work has been out of control. i hate leaving my desk like this at the end of the day because then this is what i see when i walk in the next day, but i’m in the middle of a hundred things that if i move something, it may get lost.

to quote the drunken david hasselhoff, #thisisamess. must. clean. now. #workinggirlproblems


…we ate an early birthday dinner for matt and then we finally splurged and picked up barstools for our kitchen counter, (plus a special purchase that wasn’t planned).

taking home some delicious goodies from IKEA!


thursday // august 22

…my super awesome hubby assembled the gorgeous new tv stand and the barstools before i got home!

super stoked about this gorgeous new tv stand from IKEA. isn't it purdy? and it was all assembled by my guy!


…we spent the evening at back to school night. shuffling around gibson’s school, class to class. perfect for a man who didn’t care much for school. 😉



…this is my view. makes me thankful i am not in school anymore.



friday // august 23

…i got a new phone!



and the difference in quality and clarity between this one and my old 3gs is astounding!



…one of my favorite features is the front facing camera. it’s about time i don’t have to guess what i’m getting in the frame.



…the boys are in love with siri and they’re not afraid to tell her just how they feel.



…a little birdie told me that homegoods had cuptakes iphone cases for sale….and that little birdie was correct! their cases are $13 in the store…so i got 2!




…we like to run errands together.



…sunsets are pretty.



saturday // august 24

…michaelangelo prepares for our weekend guests to arrive.



…scrapping, monopoly, dominoes, drinking, call of duty, chess, chick-fil-a and eclipse happened.



…cheri and i swooned over edward and jacob.



sunday // august 25

…we let someone else make breakfast for us.



…we goof around at the table.



…i got all 4 boys to stand still and smile.



…friends stay friends for 25+ years.



…this girl makes me smile!



…this kid steals my heart on the daily.



…i scored on clothes and accessories at the mall with cheri before they headed home.



i hope your week was full and happy!

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