hello bloggy friends // have you missed me? well i’ve missed you! my mind has been in so many places lately and the blog hasn’t been on the top of the list. toying with the idea of promoting myself and my shop again and deciding to take on review posts or sponsors has put a damper on how i see this place. but in the end, it’s a place to share and inspire so i will continue to do those things here. what that looks like, i’m not exactly sure.

hello chilly temps // northern california is finally seeing fall weather. it was below 50* this morning and i’m was grateful that i can park my car in the garage where it’s warm.

hello monday night football // the packers play the bears tonight and i’m ready for some football! not that i didn’t watch all day yesterday, because i did!

hello christmas // yes, i said it. christmas, christmas, christmas. sorry folks, i love the heck outta thanksgiving, but it’s not my favorite time of year. it’s one day and there’s not really any magic or anticipation leading up to it like there is with christmas. so i’ve started my #decemberdaily pages which you can get a peek of on my instagram feed. and i’ve also begun working on several christmas decor projects. i honestly cannot wait until thanksgiving dinner is done with so i can decorate for christmas in our new house!

hello silhouette cameo // it’s official. a silhouette cameo will be my new toy in a couple of weeks. when they first came out, i was giddy like a kid on christmas, but they were out of my price range. and after being gifted a cricut a few years ago and getting rid of it recently (because i could never bring myself to buy those insanely overpriced font cartridges) i have decided that with all of the things i can use it for, it’s worth the splurge. a couple years of seeing how many different (and inexpensive) die cut files there are, makes my desire for this baby even stronger. can’t wait to hit that BUY button!

so that’s how i’m saying hello to this monday.
what are you saying hello to today?


5 thoughts on “helloMONDAY”

  1. Hello Monday back to you dear friend!! Thank you so much for posting, it doesn’t feel like Monday without your HELLO to start it with. Love your list and can’t wait to see your holiday pretties and creative mind at work! I’m amazed at what you do each year. I’m going back to 2012 to see what you did because I believe it’s what I want for this year. All natural and homemade for me this year and a REAL tree I think too. The kids don’t even remember what a real Christmas tree looks like or smells like.
    Andrea dear, Thanksgiving is my VERRRRRY FAVORITE holiday and I do look forward and count down to it and is so less stress full then Christmas. We don’t eat barely any meat and NO mashed potatoes leading up to this big day. We drool over the pies in the freezer waiting for the big day and deciding just how BIG of a turkey we should get this year. I barely eat the week before this holiday either, nothing tastes good and all I want is TURKEY and the fixings.
    I do understand the excitement for Christmas though, it is sooo fun and lasts all month long. Seeing all the lights and pretty trees and wrapping paper and singing holiday songs and of course watching the movies too makes it a season worth loving. ENJOY IT!!
    Stay warm, we had our coldest temps last night at 28 degrees, bbrrrr wearing my big sweatshirt and slippers everyday now to stay warm. GO PACKERS!!
    Happy Monday again and thank you xoxo

    p.s. WOW, haven’t seen this new blog change, so fun and so YOU!!

  2. Oh you and your glorious self! I love your posts but don’t comment on them like I should!

    Your Instagram photos of your crafty goodness are making me itch to be more “Martha Stewart” as of late!

    I too am ready for Christmas and fully intend on decorating later this week. πŸ˜‰

    1. hey girl, thanks for commenting! my goal is to inspire and if you’re feeling crafty then I’ve done my job!!! πŸ˜‰ xo I want to see your craftiness soon, k?

      Sent from my iPad


  3. Hello to you, coming from a Tuesday! I have missed your posts and thought maybe something was wrong with me feed, PHEW glad to know it’s all still working. Because I am not missing as post to come!

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