hello monday


hello veterans // today is veteran’s day and it’s a good time to thank those who have served and fought for this great country. thankful to my dad (air force), my brother (navy) my uncles (army and marines) and my grandfather (army) for their sacrifices.

hello silhouette // my new silhouette cameo is scheduled to arrive this week and i am beyond stoked. i have signs to make and fun files to cut and have been dreaming about this new toy for years. come on baby, hurry up!

hello haircut // it’s that time again. when the gray hairs make their shimmering appearance around my temples and my layers get too long and unmanageable. so this week, my best girl will redden and layer up my locks.

hello family // this weekend i will get to see some family who i haven’t seen in so many years. an aunt and uncle who i always loved but lost touch with…until facebook! looking forward to catching up!

hello project life posts // get ready to see a couple project life filled posts on the blog this week. i’ve got a ton to share!

hello top 12 // do you watch the voice? hands down, it’s 100 times better than idol. i love the coaches, the format, the contestants. every. thing. so excited to watch the top 12 belt it out monday and tuesday. gibson and i love watching together.

hello photos // this week also brings 2 more months of project life photos to organize and scrap. i love the process of selecting sizes and photos that will make it into my albums. it will be june and july and i’m looking forward to reliving some of our summer memories!

have a great week!



1 thought on “hello monday”

  1. HELLO MONDAY TO YOU!! I love thinking ahead of the week and finding the happy things to get us going. Great list you have here, thank you to your MEN in the family who fought for us, God Bless Them!!
    Looking forward to your PL pages and feeling warm seeing the sunshine on them, it’s pretty cold here today. Tried not to turn the furnace on but finally gave in.
    YAY for a new cut and color, always feels good. ENJOY!
    Enjoy your new cutting magic machine when it gets there, can’t wait to see what you do but know it will be A M A Z I N G !!
    How cool that you and Gibson have a show together, love that.
    Have a great day day and a awesome week my friend! xoxo

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