hello monday // weekend edition


it’s been some time since i said hello. so, hello to you. hello to the weekend. i’ve been waiting for you all week!

hello december daily // my photos for december 1st are arriving today. we took some family photos in the back yard, and did some other christmassy things and i’m looking forward to getting some photos in my album. if you’re curious about the december daily project, see this post.

hello project life // outside of december daily, i’m still working on july/august from earlier this year. i busted out several more weeks over the last couple of weekends so i’ll be taking pics and posting them here next week. yay!

hello freezing temps // here in norcal, we’re only an hour away from the snow. but even though we live at the bottom of the sierra foothills, we never see snow in our town. but overnight, they say we’ll see snow and rain but it won’t stick. i just want to see one fleck of a snowflake and it will make my entire month! i think we need a snow day up the mountain soon. 😉 it’s been bitterly cold here this week and i am loving it!

hello closet // i need to be honest with myself this weekend. my closet and i need to have a heart to heart. it’s full. i have definitely grown into my newfound space and it’s a problem. it’s an even bigger problem since i just had a fun pre-birthday shopping spree. i need to be realistic about the items that are hanging around for no good reason. which is never the case with me because i always buy pieces with purpose. so it will be hard to part with a few things. but they will only be in a tub in said closet, so they won’t be too far away. wish me luck.

hello wrapping // yo. yo. yo. oh wait, not that kind of rapping. the kind of wrapping that aches my back but i do it with love because the joy on the boys’ faces is the most precious sight when they find a few new presents under the tree in the morning. if i don’t wrap a few each (or every other night), christmas ends up being 2 days away and my back can’t take that kind of pressure. so i wrap. with christmas music and caramel hot chocolate. oh yes!

what are you saying hello to this weekend?



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