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december daily // project update

hello to you and hello to some serious december daily progress.

i got an early jump on christmas by decorating a week before thanksgiving, because i just couldn’t wait! so i had lots of pics of the house all decorated. my parents also came over on the 30th to celebrate thankschristmas. a holiday i made up because they won’t be in town for christmas. so we cooked them a giant turkey dinner and they brought presents for the boys. we also took family photos out back.

so of course, i was itchin’ to get some pics developed.

i teetered back and forth about how often i would print pictures and after flip-flopping several times, i decided to just print this one batch, then i would have to wait a couple weeks before printing more.

i sure loved being able to scrap something current for a change. (if you’re new here, i’m about 4 months behind in project life.) my favorite part about scrapping in the winter is the cozy socks, christmas music and the cold weather outside. i got all of that this weekend.

anyhoo, back to the pages, right? so as you may remember from my previous december daily post, i am using a plethora of supplies in my album this year. gonna try to link to as much as i can as the album progresses:

on black friday, i didn’t leave the house to shop. but i did snag some amazing online deals to add to my december daily supply stash.
hello december essentials by deena rutter on pixels & co.
holiday essentials – bits & pieces by deena rutter on pixels & co.

so with that, wanna have a gander at what i got done this weekend?


and this is what i have so far! a pretty good start if i do say so myself.
i also filled up this last week with some amazing photos that i’ll be sharing on instagram before they make it into the album. if you’re not following me there, come on over!

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