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project life update // week 21+22+23+24


welcome to another project life update. i’ve got 4 weeks to share today and 3 more will follow tomorrow. hope you enjoy looking through these pages, and don’t forget to ask about any supplies you have questions about:

week 21 // full spread


week 21 // left sideIMG_3384IMG_339114IMG_339013IMG_339215IMG_339416 

week 21 // right sideIMG_3386IMG_339517IMG_339618IMG_339819IMG_339920IMG_340021

week 22a // full spread


week 22a // left sideIMG_3388IMG_340122IMG_340223IMG_340424IMG_340525IMG_340626IMG_340727
week 22a // right side

week 22b // full spread


week 22b // left page

week 22b // right side

week 23 // full spread
IMG_342543 IMG_342644IMG_342745IMG_342846IMG_342947IMG_343149IMG_343048

IMG_343350 IMG_343451 IMG_343552 IMG_343754 IMG_343653 IMG_343855

week 24 // full spread


week 24 // left sideIMG_344057 IMG_344158 IMG_344259 IMG_344360 IMG_344461 IMG_344562 IMG_344663 IMG_344764 IMG_344865

week 24 // right sideIMG_344966

IMG_345269 IMG_345370


and there it is. the middle of june. tomorrow we’ll travel back in time to june and into july.
will you join me?



1 thought on “project life update // week 21+22+23+24”

  1. Absolutely amazing, as always! You know I don’t go much on colour, I love colour but find it hard to use. You always make me want to grab all my pages and colour them in all shades, I love this Andrea!

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