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project life update // week 25+26+27


we’re back y’all! 4 more weeks to share today and i’m super excited. i got my first month of my new studio calico project life kit subscription and started using the supplies right away.

week 25 // full spreadIMG_345471



week 25 // left side



week 25 // right side

week 26 // full IMG_347186

week 26 // left sideIMG_347287 IMG_347388 IMG_347590 IMG_347489 IMG_347691 IMG_347892

week 26 // right sideIMG_347993 IMG_348194 IMG_348395 IMG_348496 IMG_348797

week 27a // full spreadIMG_348898

week 27a // left sideIMG_349099IMG_3491100IMG_3492101IMG_3493102IMG_3494103IMG_3496105IMG_3495104





week 27a // right side


week 27b // full spreadIMG_3503112



week 27b // left side

and that’s 7 more weeks, locked and loaded. i’m now in the middle of july and am working on my favorite summer event, seeing huey lewis in concert!

see you again in a few weeks with some more pages to share!


2 thoughts on “project life update // week 25+26+27”

  1. Wow girl you are on a roll. I swear I’m not a stalker hahaha, it looks like so, but your blog pops up in my email in the morning and I come over with my cuppa. Your pages are FANTASTIC! I love that you have all boys and you still use pinks etc, BUT it doesn’t look girlie it just looks colourful and FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to see more! Your killing it!

    1. You can stalk me any day!! Love that you noticed how I throw girlie colors in whenever I can. I can’t help it with the colors, it’s just me. 🙂 thanks for always brightening my day with your sweet comments!

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