one little word

one little word // 2014 // strong

strong  (adjective)

1: having great physical power and ability : having a lot of strength
2: not easy to break or damage
3: not sick or injured


my one little word for 2014 is strong.
strong in my food choices.
strong enough to say no to the unnecessary junk food that rules over my taste buds.
strong physically.
strong enough to get to level 2 (or maybe even 3) on the 30-day shred.
strong in my decisions to workout consistently.

To quote Nike: Just do it.

by nature, i am such a planner. i do not fly through life by the seat of my pants. you know, moment to moment. not at all. although i have learned how to relax and enjoy the not so perfect areas of my life, i still thrive on order, processes and routines.

but when i plan to workout, like, make an actual schedule to run on certain days or lift on certain days, i tend to jump off that ship with the idea that i have something (or ANYTHING) better to do. this is such a lie. and i believe those lies too often.

but if i don’t set up some kind of routine, then i’m just a lost girl with arms that are getting flabby and thighs that touch and parts that shake, rattle and roll. that IS NOT me. and the most difficult part of where i am now is realizing that i’ve done this to myself. and when i look forward to the tough workouts ahead, i just want to scroll through pinterest and pin lots of fun looking workouts.

and this is where strong comes into my life. why am i such a baby when it comes to pushing myself? i am a strong person, aren’t i? i have a super high tolerance for pain and these workouts or runs i do aren’t anything like childbirth or getting a tattoo or weed whacking my ankle or having a toenail ripped off. these are painful things, that i’ve endured. am i really that strong or is it just a cover up to avoid showing how weak i really am? oh boy, look what we’ve opened up here. this is seriously like a therapy session with myself. am i weak? or am i stronger than i think i am?


god knows how much i can handle. and i need to stop being taken hostage by the lies that i hear from the peppermint bark in the fridge and the famous amos cookies in the pantry. i need to remain strong in my choices and remember how good i feel when i make the right ones.

and because there will be challenges, here is how i will be courageous enough to fight them:

1 // i can see the vending machine from my desk at work. when i crave a snack that’s not good for me, i will grab a healthy snack that i have prepared for myself. this means i have to actually eat the good stuff i bring to work. this i can handle.

2 // when i don’t feel like working out, i will browse my work it out board on pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

3 // the day will always provide stress and i will tell myself that i will workout tomorrow. i will set up a workout schedule with reminders on my phone. i will give myself an attainable goal, 3 days a week. i do not want to over-commit and then not reach any goal due to being overwhelmed. i know this about myself.

as i walk (or run) through this journey for 2014, i will face hard days. i will be weak at times. i will eat a square or two of peppermint bark and i won’t feel guilty or beat myself up about it. i still want to enjoy life. but i can’t let it be the norm, as it has been for so many months. alternatively, i will also face days that i can be strong and win over the battles. those are the days that will build me up and get me closer to my goal of having a strong body and a stronger mind.


other things i will do to help live my word all year will be to include it into my project life album, make and hang physical reminders at home and at work as well as setting a reminder each month to reflect or track progress or to write a blog post to share where i’m at. i don’t want this to drift away from me.

if you are interested in what this one little word thing is all about, check out ali edwards’ blog or my previous posts from past years. have you picked a word? has your word picked you? i challenge you to take on this project and see where your word takes you.



7 thoughts on “one little word // 2014 // strong”

  1. I am here to cheer you on!!! I lost 35 pounds last year…and although I probably weigh more in my pinkie toe than you weigh in your entire body, I am so comfortable with myself now. The weight, for me, was an excuse to prevent myself from facing some fears.

    This year, my word is SHARE. Share my humor, my heart, my God. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

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