30 days of lists, lists

30 days of lists march 2014 // album base


hey guys! welcome to my march 2014 30 days of lists project!

in previous years, i have done my lists in a composition notebook or loose leaf and here are some examples.


i have always enjoyed the sketchy design of theses lists. the freedom to just draw something with my hands was the best feeling. but i wasn’t always inspired by the prompts and i never did complete an entire book of 30 lists. while i enjoyed each one i did, and even gained a giant boost in blog views by this sketch going viral on pinterest, i never completed any of the challenges to the end.

so this year, i wanted to use the project life system to create this album. the main reason for this is so that i could premake the layout. i wanted to invite my supplies to the party, not just my sketches.

the album i’m using was originally purchased to do a small project about my childhood, but after sorting through pictures and making a sort-of timeline for ages 0-21, i got a bit overwhelmed.

then 30 days of lists reared it adorable head and i am determined to complete this project. i registered early so that i could see the prompts ahead of time. i will end up completing as many lists as i can at a time so that i can share them on the appropriate days. and if i decide that i want to use the album for another project in the future, i have the option of taking the pages out of this book and adding them to my main project 2014 life album.

since i cannot share any lists i’ve already made, i made this little video of the base i pre-made.

supplies used:
6×8 faux leather album (raspberry): michaels
6×8 page protectors in designs 2 and 4: michaels
cards are from various vendors: kiwi core kit, peppermint creative, we r memory keepers, maggie holmes core kit, DCWV, blush core kit, and scrap orchard.

so, are you listing this march? sign up to join the fun of #30lists!


4 thoughts on “30 days of lists march 2014 // album base”

  1. Your sketched lists look really fantastic, but I love your album too. Such a great way to use stashed supplies.
    I’ve been wanting to do one of the 30 day lists, but I know I wouldn’t complete all 30 days. I’m really inspired seeing everyone’s books this time around.

  2. Thanks for this cute video of your YUMMY and PRETTY album. I thought your album was a mini PL one. I’m not sure our Michaels’ has these, will try to look on Saturday. If not then I will just add mine to PL with the pockets and cards like yours. Can’t wait, I haven’t started the lists yet. I got pulled into the ATC world and can’t seem to get out, lol.

    Excited we will be doing this and WE BOTH WILL FINISH IT THIS TIME, RIGHT!!!! GO US!!

  3. EEK!!! How did I miss your album in the #30lists FB group, Andrea?! Thanks so much for sharing your album, so totally looking forward to seeing your September lists!

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