hello monday

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hello monday // you’ll bring new challenges at work. so yeah, bring it.

hello lists // i’m having so much fun doing 30 days of lists! knowing i can’t be creative and make a fun list each day during the week, i’ve pre-made a few of the lists for the next few days. also, a friend saw that i was featured on the 30 days blog this weekend….whaaaaat?? here’s the link if you want to check out mine and the other books that are featured!

hello rain // the rain was so nice during the end of last week and through the weekend. another storm is headed our way and i’m happy to finally have some winter weather.

hello gibson // with this one being restricted from electronics, we sure have seen more of him. i like that and i like him. he’s even decided to go on a mission trip with his church group and i couldn’t be happier. now let’s see if he can continue to earn the trip with grades, follow through and responsibility!

hello track // the right one that is. and by that i mean i’m getting back on it. basically, i cannot be trusted during the weekends. there’s too much idle time to snack and be lazy. i work hard all week to workout and eat right and then i jack it all up with goldfish and cold stone. what the heck man?

hello special birthday // mi papi turns another year older on sunday. which means i can call him and sing his favorite birthday song. but i’ll be nice and wait until after 7am to call him, unlike he does to me. 😉 but he could call me at any hour and i’d likely pick up.

hello one little word // i finally signed up for ali’s one little word class and i’m ready to enjoy some non-project life creativity. ready to find new ways to make my word visible.

it’s monday, what are you saying hello to?



1 thought on “hello monday”

  1. Yay for rain! I hope we get some more showers before our dry season hits.
    Happy Birthday to your Papi! My family likes to make birthday calls the second they wake up in the morning…which is generally much earlier than I want to even think about being awake.

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