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sweet stamp shop // march release #2


being on the design team for sweet stamp shop means that i get to share these delicious stamps that are absolutely perfect for pocket scrapbooking.

if you missed the first release, check it out here. as for the second release, you’re gonna LOVE this set.
outline lower alpha is my absolute favorite favorite favorite!

i love the outline because it is PERFECT for titles and doesn’t feel cluttered. it also has this hand-drawn kind of feel that gives that tiny bit of imperfection that i’m learning to embrace!

lower outline alpha

here’s an easy way to mix stamps with printed elements. the lower alpha stamps fit perfectly on this dear lizzy name tag.


the other amazing thing about the sweet stamps, is they can easily work together. on this title card, i mixed a piece from speech bubble and the number and hashtag from outline upper alpha and the week in outline lower alpha.


i love that i can stamp directly on photos as well!


below is another example of mixing the stamp sets. alpha tabs make an appearance along with this month’s release. on this card, instead of spelling out the whole word together on one stamp block, i stamped the letters in favorite one at a time so i could make them closer together. just shows how versatile these alpha stamps are!


my 30 days of lists are seeing this stamp set too. again, it’s perfect for all kinds of titles!




be sure to stop by the sweet stamp shop and grab some of the cute sets before they’re sold out! check out the new releases in the shop HERE – also, the coupon code is good today only for 10% off the new release stamp sets. Coupon code: NRM10. but if they are sold out, check back, we’ll be restocking soon! and the facebook page always keeps you up to date on new releases and special deals.

see you soon friends and happy crafting!



6 thoughts on “sweet stamp shop // march release #2”

  1. I love the stamps! Especially the bubble letter one. It looks like a doodle almost but much better than anything I could do. Good price on them too. 🙂

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