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it’s getting sweet in here

today, i’m hanging out at the sweet stamp shop and sharing some recent project life inserts, using some of my favorite sweet sets. have i mentioned how perfect these stamps are for scrapbooking? seriously!

come on over to see some more inserts like this one:


and as a bonus, you can watch the video i made which takes this entire layout from start to finish.

i hope you’ll join me today!



4 thoughts on “it’s getting sweet in here”

  1. WOW!! Andrea, that was so fun to watch!! I love seeing little Marsh man in there too, so cute!! LOVE THE COLORS!! The pages look great!! What I noticed….
    that you write even on the filler cards, not sure I’ve done that and especially not as pretty and cute as you did yours.
    where did you get the tiny scissors? LOVE THEM!!
    the clear stamp pad for your letters, where did you get that size? so cute!
    I had no idea you wrote in pencil first, great idea, will have to start doing that too!
    Did I see you tear book paper? It’s hard to see it that good but if you did YAY!! and where did you get it?
    How long did it take you to do this spread?
    LOVED IT and you did GREAT!!!
    Oh and I like that some of the time you were thinking too and deciding!!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU!! It was almost as good as being there with you 🙂

    1. hey miss dawn! thanks for all your wonderful support…i’m going to answer your questions here!!
      girl, i’ll write on anything…i typically don’t know the difference between a filler card and a journal card, they all have the same function for me and if I need it to say more than it says, then i’ll alter it. 🙂
      the scissors i use came with a creating keepsakes tote that i purchased many years ago. it came with some basic supplies but i only hung on to the scissors. i use them alllll the time!
      the clear stamps blocks were probably purchased at michael’s. i have them in several different sizes so i can fit lots of different size stamps. 🙂 i wanna say that the rectangle one was found in the dollar bins at michael’s.
      i always write in pencil first. i have to make sure that my thoughts will all fit in the space i have available.
      tearing paper is one of my favorite tricks. i do it in almost every layout. it adds dimension and it makes me feel like a rebel. that paper may have been a piece of authentique that i’m cross promoting with sweet stamp shop. 🙂
      this spread took me about 2 hours. marshall was sleeping when i filmed (it was actually gibson who you saw in the video) and i fit it in while he slept. i did take a couple breaks for snacks and water so maybe 1.5 hours. but that’s pretty typical for a layout for me.
      thanks for watching and asking questions…love that i could share.

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