hello monday

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hello, monday. (said in the voice of jerry seinfeld when he’s greets newman.)
i’m not sure how we keep meeting but i would love if you would stop showing up.
someday, my life will be a perpetual saturday and then i’ll show you.

but until then, here’s what i’ll be saying hello to:

hello rain and sunshine // the first half of the week will be rainy and then thursday will bring abundant sunshine and temps in the high seventies. bring it!

hello hard work // gibson serves at church three timesย this week to ear money for his mission trip. kid’s gonna SWEAT!

hello april // today marks the last day of march, which is kinda scary to think that we’re in the 2nd quarter of 2014 already.

hello pictures and supplies // i have some delicious march pictures from persnicketyprints.com and new simple stories supplies arriving from scrapbook.com. so ready for some more project life this weekend.

hello april release // at sweet stamp shop, we’re releasing a ton of cute new stamps on wednesday. you’ve got to join the facebook eventย to get hooked up with some sweet discounts!


happy monday everyone!




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