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5 things I still have from high school

hi friends!

do you remember your high school years? i do, and i don’t particularly like going back there in my memory. you couldn’t pay me to do that over again. well, maybe a LARGE amount of money, but probably not even then.

anyhoo – i haven’t done a 5 things list in a while and had thought to myself the other day, ‘oh my goodness, i’ve had this since high school.’

so here are 5 thing i still have in my life that i acquired while in my high school years:

my dual alarm clock //  i need two alarms and i use them both. my current clock is the same one that used to wake me up for school. i might be devastated if it ever dies.

a bath towel // okay, this may sound gross, but i have held onto one bath towel from when i lived at my parent’s house. over the years it has thinned down to practically nothing but it’s perfect for wrapping my hair after a shower. since it’s so thin, it’s not super heavy on my head and it wraps up perfectly.

d’angelo’s brown sugar album on cd // it was the very first cd i purchased for myself to play on my brand new cd player in 1995. wow.

an armoire // my parent’s bought me brand new bedroom furniture when i entered high school and after it’s debut in my room, it’s come along with me to each and every house i’ve lived in since. it’s made an appearance in both of the boys’ rooms, been painted over several times and now serves out it’s time in the garage as storage for many cherished items.

drafting supplies // i spent every single semester of high school in mr. turini’s drafting/architecture classes. it was my favorite elective and i felt so comfortable there with all of my super sharp pencils and t-square and erasers and drafting brush. i have hung on to several tools from that era of my life because i still use them today (and they’re super expensive).


so, what gems from high school are you hangin’ on to?




1 thought on “5 things I still have from high school”

  1. This was so fun to read, especially the alarm clock one. I might have some things packed away, somewhere here or at my moms. Don’t have anything out and being used though.
    I don’t want to go back and live those years again either, no money amount would be worth it. I think my 30’s were good and my 40’s are GREAT!! It took me this long to find ME !

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