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how stamps are perfect for pocket scrapbooking // a video

hey guys! today i’m over at sweet stamp shop today for my semi-monthly post. and you’ll want to go check it out because i’ve got a new process video to share!

or you can stay here and watch it, but i’d love for you to hop over there and say hi! plus, the close up detail photos are on my post over there, so definitely stop by.

so this is my completed week 9 layout….



…and here’s the video to see how it all came together and how awesome stamps have enhanced and livened my layouts!


*** and as a special bonus, use coupon code AS15 for 15% off your WHOLE (regular priced) stamp purchase today only!

hope you enjoyed that, please let me know what you thought and what other videos you’d like to see me cover. 🙂

happy scrapping!


3 thoughts on “how stamps are perfect for pocket scrapbooking // a video”

  1. WOW!!! This was so awesome to watch and listen too, I LOVE that you talked and explained everything this way!! You have to do more of these and I want to come over so BAD now and do my PL with you!!! Seriously, you ROCK!! I love the stamps and especially the little “happy happy” stamping you did on that card, so CUTE!!
    I have never liked doing the title cards, not sure why. It was fun to see you make yours, have seen others do fun ones too but nice to see yours being made. Recently I use my sky/clouds/sun/ photos each week as my title card so now I finally like mine. Seeing yours makes me want to play and make my own now. Thanks so much for doing these, they are inspiring!

    I think you need a new walk thru your desk space now to show how you are storing your new goodies!!!
    p.s. I also don’t like when the months are combined in a week, throws my whole week off. Would think I’d be used to it after all these years but I’m not. I finally separate the months even if it means not taking pictures for that last day, just so I don’t have too many to squeeze in ( hope that makes sense). I love that you just add a little HELLO in the middle of it all and keep going!!

    WHY OH WHY DO WE LIVE ON DIFFERENT COAST SIDES???!!!!! UMMMM where was Marshall??? No fair not seeing a little hand in there, lol.

  2. Love it! So happy for the voice over. :). Wonderful layout, loved the tiny pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I love LOVE watching your creative process. I’ve been in kind of a slump lately. I have a ton of photos printed and in my PL album, but so many layouts haven’t even been started. I’m totally inspired now to get to work.

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