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on cherry street // reflections kit release // a kit by sweet stamp shop

good morning!

in case you don’t follow me on instagram, which, you totally should be, i announced that i would be designing for Sweet Stamp Shop once again. but only for a special release kit by On Cherry Street. and I’m super excited to show you what this kit can become.


this gorgeousness is called reflections and it’s a complete kit with PL sized cards, embellishments and character beyond words.

check out this quick reveal of all the kit contents.

and check out the process video i did for the first two pages.

recently, i began to expand my 6×8 ME album (which already includes my take on the march 2014 30 days of lists) to include stuff from my childhood, and different items that don’t really belong in our family album. one of the topics i want to document is the plethora of roles i play in this amazing life. my idea is for this to be something future generations can see and know exactly how much i loved all the peaks and valleys of my time here.

the reflections kit is a perfect way to capture some of these sentiments. and here’s how i used as much of the kit as humanly possible:

and introduction of sorts, to my kids, to tell them hello. to tell them that i may not always act as joyous as this photo reflects during our daily goings-on, but i want them to know how truly joyful my life is with them in it.

IMG_5324 IMG_5333 IMG_5298


there are dreams i’ve had that i hold back. these dreams are always in the very front of my heart and mind. documenting them makes the reality of them coming true even clearer. this kit brings out all of my hopes for making a plan, having clarity on not getting too far into the clouds and being confident in a new path.IMG_5325 IMG_5334 IMG_5303 IMG_5304 IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5337 IMG_5306


13 years is a long time to dedicate your life to others. especially when those others have peed on you, thrown up in your hand, pooped everywhere and made messes on your walls and furniture. but there is something profound about seeing a life grow in front of your eyes and then experiencing the fruits of your labor – literally and figuratively – when those little people act like responsible and mature human beings.
IMG_5326 IMG_5335


so what’s your story? what can reflect on? what physical legacy do you want to leave behind?

try this kit and make a fun project out of documenting yourself! get your’s here! but if i haven’t convinced you, check out the sweet stamp shop blog to see how others used this kit!

happy scrapping!




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