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whole 30 journey // a personal reflection continues

happy wednesday everyone!!

last week i posted about this new journey over at the Sweet Stamp Shop blog and how i am documenting it – pocket-layout style.



today i continue showing you the pages i’ve completed and how the reflections kit keeps on shining.

to get a quick refresher on this kit, check out this video:

to watch the process video for the above opening layout, check out this video:

so then let’s get on with more of the layouts i created with the supplies in the reflections kit.


i very much enjoy real food. about 6 months ago i began to eliminate simple carbs from my lunches and dinners so i began to get a true taste of the paleo life. but i constantly rewarded myself with undeserved treats. even with working out, i just wasn’t seeing the results. i want to be tone. i don’t want certain parts of me to jiggle. but as this Happiness card says; this struggle for balance, this something i need to get through; is all part of the big picture of a healthy and fit life going forward. IMG_5559


part of this program (and any change you’re making away from your normal bad habits) requires LOTS of prepping. foods need to be ready to eat or you’ll likely grab that quick bag of chips. so i dried some apples to make a sweet-ish treat. but what i didn’t realize was just how long it takes apples to dry in the oven. and oh my goodness, let me tell you, it’s worth the time it takes when the smell of that sweet apple scent floats around the kitchen for hours.IMG_5560


i hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this personal journey come to life in my album. may you find your path and may you feel comfortable documenting each and every step toward a change in your life.

to see a quick flip-thru of the entire project in my album, you can see it here:

and for links to the products i used in this album, see below.

happy scrapping!

Reflections Kit


This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy from certain links, I make a small commission. Thank you for your support.



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