ANNOUNCEMENT! handwriting class available in november

this girl is in serious need of a shake up! an upgrade of sorts. i need to stretch my limbs. and this involved making some decisions that i never really considered before. but first…let me take you back a bit… <—– (you thought i was gonna say ‘lemme take a selfie’ huh? well – i almost did!)

seriously though – in january of 2014, i posted my very first youtube video tutorial and the response was super positive. and since then, i’ve filmed and posted several of my process and organizational videos which have reached thousands of people! that’s just crazy to me! but it tells me that what i have to give, people like. so i think that letting it out is the best thing to do.

beginning on november 15th, my very first self-paced workshop will be available to you! we are starting with a topic that is very special to me – HAND LETTERING. this 3-part course is designed to help you improve your handwriting so you’re excited about journaling and proud of your own chicken scratch. 🙂


after november 15th, once you purchase the course, (for only $2.99 and available through paypal) you will gain access to the private workshop which includes all 3 videos. it is self-paced so you can start anytime and since practice is the only way to get better at something, please use the videos as much as you like!

the response to my announcement on instagram was so positive, i feel very confident that this is an area that people are excited to improve within themselves and my hope is to bring prettier handwriting to the world!

the class will be available for pre-order prior to november 15th so be prepared for some major promotion, save the dates and reminders on facebook and instagram. aaaaaand there might even be a giveaway involved!!

you all have been so supportive and complimentary about my designs and style and that has been positively overwhelming. thank you!

lots of details to come, don’t miss out!

xo andrea


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