december daily // c+d+e

the best part about doing my december daily in alpha order is that i can photograph things with intention. and i feel like i can breathe knowing i don’t have to have something planned each day just to grab a photo.

and now that my evenings aren’t spent in a post-work zombie-like state, i have been able to creep over to my desk and work on little bits and pieces each night.

which leads to semi-completed and photo ready pages!

here is C (left side) for cold, cheers, cookies, candy canes and christmas lists.


and the right side. loved the little mice with their cookies and candy canes. i honestly didn’t know if i’d ever use this paper, but when i started looking through my kit and searching for items with the letter c, it just jumped out at me. and aren’t they just adorable? anyhoo, i found these perfect 3×3 pocket pages from october afternoon and have plenty of room for a bunch of photos!



next up is D for decorating and deck the halls. it’s the back side of C so i get to use smaller photos again, which means lots of room! if it works out, i’d love to do a 6×6 of a really good photo and split it up to it fit in 4 pockets! crossing fingers!



here is a closeup of the title insert. i used my silhouette to cut the entire alphabet in white and it’s the capital letter here. i really like the flexibility of using it or not and had fun adding the different lowercase letter for some dimension.



E has been my favorite so far. i was really in a groove when i was working on all of these inserts.



Es are extremely sacred but i made a sacrifice to use what i had left because when you have a vision you just go with it! and it complete paid off!


one word for E is enjoy. and although when i began working on this spread, i didn’t have a specific photo in mind, i knew i wanted the word (which is a former one little word of mine) to stand out.




once i began to think of what kind of photo i would want here, it dawned on me that i had taken a pretty enjoyable photo a few nights prior. so i printed it and made this layout around it. i found an inspiring layout on instagram by paddymack7777 and scraplifted some elements from her design, like the stripes at the bottom and using a paper lunch bag.




and one of my favorite inserts ever, is this one to commemorate our love for the movie elf. it was hard to pick just one quote from the movie but with this one i knew i could go nuts with the alphas so I went for it! i found a clean image online and printed it on photo paper then trimmed it out and glued it to the white background i wanted. then just added words and prayed i’d have enough room at the end. 🙂





and there is C, D and E!

this weekend i got through F and G but then got a little burnt out so i cleaned up and finished a spread from week 41 using a ton of new scraptastic club goodies i bought on black friday! which made me cancel my studio calico sub within minutes of opening the life noted kit! for reals!

anyhoo, that’s a whole other topic.

for now, enjoy your monday and your week and may your days be merry and bright. see you next week with some more letter layouts!

xo andrea




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