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2015 project life plan

naturally, i’m a planner. i love having a schedule, list of tasks, a plan of action, knowing what to expect. but, so much of my work life is scheduled and forced upon me by others, that when i am home, the structure bugs me.

especially when it comes to scrapbooking, i want zero rules. no constraints. i want it to be me and my whims and i want to fly by the seat of my pants!

but that puts me in a pickle. in 2014, my whims produced THREE 12×12 albums. YES! oh my word! but it’s not like i filled them with junk. each pocket is overflowing with real life, school papers, receipts, and memories. how can i be disappointed in that?

IMG_5913 IMG_5912

how in the world can i keep from breaking the bank (and my shelves) in 2015? i don’t have space for this every year. i mean, seriously. i’ve been scrapbooking for almost 2 decades, so you can imagine how many albums i already have to store.

so my plan is kind of a plan but not an over planned plan. because what i don’t want is another chore. another commitment that feels like work. another task that gets more action in the planning stage than the actual action stage. i’m old enough to know this about myself.

after lengthy texts with kristymakes, forehead rubbing in front of the studio calico website and small album inspiration from tracyxo and stephaniemakes, my 2015 goals are:

1. i will pare down the photos i develop from 100 (on average) to around 50 per month. this means more selective photos that do only a few things: a) tells a story that i never want to forget, b) represents our current times, places and stages and 3) it conveys love/relationships/growth. this will allow me to still capture life as it happens. that is important too!

2. i will work toward a smaller album by continuing to mix in smaller pocket page styles. because i am considering a switch to the new SC 9×12 album, i will be trimming a few 12×12 styles down to get used to working with less space.

3. i have enough supplies in my stash to get me through 2015, no doubt. but because i love getting new supplies i will continue with one monthly sub kit and commit to using my current supplies. what will be helpful is joining in with a fellow youtuber, mam1016 who is challenging us to #scrapourstash2015. check out her challenges here: https://www.youtube.com/user/mam1016/videos

aaaaaand, sticking with the topic of pocket stuff, let’s talk about sharing layouts! i also plan to change this up a bit for 2015. my goal is to do more video walk-throughs of completed layouts and just add photos to my blog for details. it’s very time consuming to type through all my layouts so in order to appeal to everyone, i will do quick videos where i will talk about techniques and products for those who enjoy videos and then have photos here for those who like to see the photo details. i hope you’re all good with having both options!

so that’s the plan, man. it’s the little changes that can make a huge impact!

do you have a plan for scrapping your year? let me know all about it!!


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