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there’s a new design team member in town!

if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this post from last week.



well, gossamer blue really did make my dreams come true. and whether or not this post was a cryptic glimpse into my secret, the good news is here and i’m BEYOND EXCITED!


do you see all those amazing scrapbookers? one of them IS ME!!! whaaaaaat?

being on a team of this caliber is both frightening and inspiring. basically, i do my own thing. and apparently people like that. which is awesome! but sometimes we can get caught up in all those stupid thoughts about not being as good as someone else or being too nervous to put your work out there.

i’m here to squash those crazy thoughts and tell you that if you want something – go for it! let people see how awesome YOU are. if you get a “no” then try somewhere else. but the answer is always no if you don’t try. and that right there is some truth. plus, scrappy folks are always super nice and are in the business of lifting up others.

follow your dreams. make stuff happen. be yourself. do the things that bring you joy.

so for the next year, you’ll be stuck seeing me gush over the delicious kits from gossamer blue as a life pages design team member! i will be sharing sneaks and peeks and projects galore. but it’s all out of my sheer and utter love for their products and the gorgeous kits they assemble. and i think that you’ll fall in love too. but if you don’t, we can still be friends!

so as a scrappy dream is taking shape and my mind races with ideas as i work on projects for july, i leave you with the kind and generously sarcastic words of my hilarious teenage son when i showed him this announcement – “wow mom, congratulations for having your face on a thing.”

to dreams. to making stuff happen. and to downright happy scrappiness. 🙂

xo, andrea


3 thoughts on “there’s a new design team member in town!”

  1. Huge congrats, lovely Andrea: you deserve this success! Just keep doing what you do so fantastically well and we will be here cheering you on (and possibly bragging “I know her!” too ;o)) xxx

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