week in the life

week in the life 2015 // i’m in

#WEEKintheLIFE is a project that is super close to my heart. but one that i do only when i feel connected, committed and completely confident that i can handle it. to date, i’ve only participated in two – 2011 and 2014.

it truly is a labor of love. it is an in-depth peek into the nuances of life and that encompasses detailed documentation and creative photographer – at least it does for me. because the story matters and i never want to do a project like this just half-ass.

so – this year – i’m committed again to take one week and really dig down. really capture the details. document the routines. record the craziness along with the mundane. it’s just 7 days.

as i looked back at my previous projects, i was reminded about each section of time and it was a glorious realization as to how valuable this project is. it also helped me to make a list of the things i don’t want to miss about this specific time in our lives.
here are a few:
– open fridge
– kid faves (shows/songs/food/games)
– meals/snacks
– routines
– homework
– school drop-off
– weather
– calendar
– house details (outside/counter tops/hot spots/rooms
– the boys’ perspectives (have them take photos during the day)
– inside closets/cabinets
– current songs/playlists/podcasts

at the end of this i want to have a keepsake of these moments – even if they are ugly or messy. i just want it to be real.

to help me along the way – here are the supplies i’ll be counting on:
– my iphone 5. it is my only camera and it takes great photos. i can shoot, edit and upload with one device and it’s glorious.
– these kits from one little bird at the lily pad. i picked up some journal cards + paper & elements bundles for several kits that had sentiments i could use and that all coordinated in some way. i need bright colors and lots of options so this is why i usually bundle my kits from different sources.
onelittlebird-busyweek-preview onelittlebird-busyweek-JC-preview _onelittlebird-oneforthealbum-preview _onelittlebird-oneforthealbum-JC-preview _onelittlebird-hopscotch-preview _onelittlebird-aroundhere-preview _onelittlebird-aroundhere-JC-preview

the pages will be part of my normal 12×12 family album and i will use the same approach as i do with my regular weekly spreads – i will just have several spreads for the week instead. it’s worked out to be a spread per day in the past – which allows me so much room for all the details i capture!

i’m also taking the pressure off and not trying to work on this project as it happens. photos for this week will be printed 2-4 weeks later and it simply gets in line like all the other weeks that i have photos for. as i write this – i have completed week 28!

and that about covers it! in a couple weeks you’ll see my instagram account sprinkled with #weekintheGRAYlife2015 photos and i promise not to flood your feed with all my family secrets! 😉

so – i’m in. how ’bout you?im in photo

happy documenting,
andrea 🙂

the week in the life project was created by the lovely ali edwards. to learn more about this project and to get a ton of tips on getting started – check out her blog.


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