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week in the life 2015 // thoughts + photo wrap up (updated with video)

when the consideration to do this project became a commitment, i knew i was going to be working both sides of the week. meaning – we had very extraordinary plans on the 22nd and 23rd so i didn’t want to include them in the week’s details because they were their own ‘things’ and were going to be documented separately. so i technically started taking photos on the saturday and sunday before the week started but then still took some more normal photos at the end of the week.

i am still going to do the week in order of monday – sunday (i am pretty sure) but i am grouping typical saturday things together and any given sunday stuff together – if that makes any sense.

truth is – had we not had these other events happening, the photos i took the weekend before would have been dead on accurate so i can totally justify it. plus – it’s my book and i can do anything i want to! neener-neerer ūüôā LOL!

as i wait for the week’s photos to arrive from i will share a majority of my¬†photos and thoughts with you today.

UPDATE: the finished flip-thru video can be seen here >>> and the detailed photos are at the end of each day.


a screenshot of the weather for the week. i love weather summaries.

5:15am // my alarm goes off at this time monday thru friday.IMG_7320

6:30am // a little detail about sharing life with my guy.

6:35am // he gets me ice water every morning when i’m getting ready for work.

6:50am // my makeup drawer – of which i use about 6 things for my daily routine.

7:00am // my view when i come out to the kitchen to pack up food for the day. i want to remember that we fully use our countertops most of the time. 

7:25am // my goal was to take a “view” shot for each day that i could use for a title card. this is my view coming down the hill from dropping the boys off at school.


7:45am // desk shot with all my usual tools. to-do list, pen and highlighter, white out, my notepad and renewals.

1;50pm // and of course a selfie. IMG_7404

4:05pm // i haven’t pumped my own gas in over a year. matt usually makes sure i’m filled up but today it was so low and it made sense for me to get gas on my way home.

4:30pm // this kid loves his forts.
4:45pm // we recently moved his bed back up to the top of his bunk so he makes his space super cozy when he watches his favorite minecraft youtube videos.
8:00pm // getting a shot of the inside of the fridge was definitely on my shot list. it’s such a fun look into the details of what we ate, what the boys were obsessed with and how organized we can be.IMG_7408
8:50pm // this is something that was not in last year’s WITL. charlie is 7 months old now and i love having her as part of our everyday lives.

TUESDAY 8/18/2015
5:45am // morning snuggles. always.

7:05am // i had a little extra time before the boys were ready for school so charlie took advantage of an empty lap.

7:10am // a very typical day of food for me. my pre-made egg/potato scramble is at the bottom. for lunch it’s chicken + avocado, olives, carrots and a hard boiled egg. my snack was either a banana or apples + almond butter. i brought a cool mint clif bar because i was out of chocolate. i also brought a mason jar of raspberry lemon water for the afternoon. i usually bring more food than i need.

7:15am // i have a designated hook for his backpack and i ask him to keep his stuff there. but this is where he drops his stuff. right in the hub of a walkway. i pick my battles and rarely say anything because one day soon it won’t be here at all.

7:30am // the older boys (gibson and his best friend) aren’t too thrilled when i want to take pictures of them. so when they walked off i snapped this blurry photo – which wasn’t intentional but it ended up being a top 5 photo from the week.

8:15am // this is where i spend my days. always communicating, problem solving, using my brain and eating and drinking.  IMG_7508

9:40am // i cut my bangs this morning – on a whim – and i remembered how much a miss having bettie bangs.

11:00am // matt was so awesome – he took pictures throughout his day too. this is a typical lunch for him.

2:00pm // mr. minecraft.

3:58pm // on my way home i screenshot my lock screen.IMG_7509

4:00pm // everyday – this is my load to and from work. laptop , food and purse.


4:20pm // he can play the first few chords of come as you are by nirvana and free fallin’ by tom petty.

5:20pm // the second week of school brought homework. i am always happy to help guide him and keep him focused.
5:45pm // gibson thinks that homework means watching a youtube video, playing a game on his phone and eating while he knows he has something else more important to do.

6:00pm // power napping.

6:30pm // he asked me to buy him some balloons and he’s been blowing them up and having fun for days.
IMG_74116:45pm // my favorite dance from this week’s episode of SYTYCD.


7:10am // on wednesday the boys get out early so they have to ride their bikes home. it’s always funny to watch them get their bikes in and out of the truck.

7:50am // breakfast and a lot of boxes to check off. i was suuuuper productive today.

4:30pm // gibson scored a beta code for the not-yet-released black ops 3 so he used his after school screen time on the PS4.

4:45pm // with a dog who loves to be loved, i wash my hands more that i ever have.ali inspired me to capture this shot.

5:15pm // he struggles with the idea of reading. he’s extremely good at it but it’s just not entertaining enough for him. but today i asked him to handle his reading for the day so he got his sleeping bag and read with no complaints.

6:00pm // a few weeks worth of print came today so i’m trimming and organizing with a little snack.

7:15pm // marsh loves having the wii setup in his little fort. he doesn’t even complain that we have a password on it so he can only play it if he has permission.

8:15pm // bedtime smiles.
8:15pm // he still loves his fluffy dog.


4:15am // it’s. too. early. but i have a 7:30am meeting in napa and have to leave town at 5:40.

5:30am // this is what my office door looks like at 5:30 in the morning.

6:15am // being a passenger rocks when it’s early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.

9:30am // we rocked that morning meeting and on our way back the sun is shining on my ring. it’s still my style and i love it so much – even after 15 years.

1:50pm // charlie and matt wait for marshall to come out of school.

4:30pm // best. gum. ever. it’s at target – get some!

5:45pm // picking up posters for the weekend festivities and also grabbing a rotisserie chicken because we’re starving and it’s getting late.

6:30pm // we may have just eaten it straight from the tub.IMG_7852

6:30pm // long day. heading to back to school night and i’m just running on the anticipation of sitting down tonight.

6:45pm // sitting at marshall’s 2nd grade desk for back to school night.

7:45pm // time to unwind.


7:15am // hazy morning because basically california is on fire.

10:43am // matt and i texting about fantasy football and the drawbacks of being an adult.

1:30pm // texted this to matt when he wasn’t feeling confident about getting into any film festivals.

3:30pm // matt texted back with his first acceptance notification!!

5:00pm // just hangin’ out in the men’s department.

7:30pm // my view as i tell marsh to hustle up in the shower.


7:30am // the light shining through my coke bottles is such a wonderful sight.

7:45am // cold brew tea and morning minecraft.

11:35am // a couple errands and a blue sky.

11:45am // library visit to see if we can get marsh a book he’ll enjoy.

12:00pm // wanted to capture the details of this car. i’m hoping that in a couple years it won’t belong to me anymore.IMG_7866

2:00pm // finally getting some scrap time and i’m struggling with this layout.

5:30pm // clean dishes.

5:35pm // it’s marshall’s day to put the dishes away.


8:45am // lazy mornings

10:15am // he has really taken to the checklist of chores.

6:20 // i literally wait until the end of sunday to fold the laundry. and this is my weekend t-shirt.

7:00pm // all small hangers for now. being prepared for monday makes the next week so easy.

what a week! so much has changed from last year’s project and I love being able to capture all the different details about our “right now”.

i’m so excited to start working on my pages this weekend! i sure hope you captured everything you wanted to!

until next time,
andrea =)


2 thoughts on “week in the life 2015 // thoughts + photo wrap up (updated with video)”

  1. I think I might need to do this next year. It’s so fun seeing the pieces of life people choose to record during their week. Thanks for sharing a peek into your life.

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