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saying hello to bullet journaling

if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that i’m kinda into lists. you can see some of my listing projects here.

and lists are how i keep my to-dos from being forgotten. i learned as a young student that i would be more likely to remember stuff if i wrote it down. so making lists has become a very normal thing for me – both in my work life and my home life.

and i think we all know about the planner craze that has swept over us crafty babes. i promised myself that i wouldn’t get into that. my own personal reason is because i have a tendency to over-plan and then under-do because i’ve worn myself out during the planning process. so i ignore the planner stuff and grab my composition book to jot down tasks and goals and doodles.

still in need of something better than post-it notes and different list formats, pinterest introduced me to what is called bullet journaling. it’s basically an analog version of planning but in a super stripped down, handwritten, listing kind of way. it. was. enlightening. so i quickly pinned everything i could possibly find – you can follow my planner-ish pinterest board here.

my first thought was just to use what i had – i’m always down for NOT spending money. i had an old spiral graph notebook that i pulled from a dusty shelf. i also figured that i needed something that could fit in my purse so i knew i wasn’t going to use the spiral notebook. so i grabbed my heidi swapp journal planner that was already gutted for another attempt at some kind of planner situation. (i found this beauty half-off at michael’s but it’s still available on amazon)


my first page setup was essentially how i would continue with my template but i added some flair when i was sure this was what i wanted to do.

i cut some graph paper to the size of the planner tabbed dividers and toted that around for a week. i realized that i was sort of ignoring it. so i picked up a couple graph composition books and liked the larger size but there was no place for my ruler or pens. so after a week with that format, i decided to go back to the binder format so that i could keep things together and could have loose pages that would allow me to move things around and have different pages for different lists/goals.

and this is what i settled on:

i will stick with this template and those things will be in black, allowing me to add color for the items that will change each week.

i created a dashboard with simple items like post-its, and some colorful flags. i mounted them with double sided foam tape. this is all on a cardboard type page that is paper-clipped to the monthly divider tab. this way i can move it to the next month when that time comes.
i have placed a 6-in ruler, my two pens and an extra paperclip in the tiered pockets of the binder cover.

my bullet journal template includes the month, year, week number along with the days of the week and the weather.
i will add a different quote each week too.
my tasks are broken into 3 sections: home + family, blog + brand and design team.
i also am keeping track of my health habits. i will either put a check mark or a dash in the columns for lifting weights, cardio, eating clean and will draw a face for my overall feeling for the day. i will also be listing my food to be prepped/bought for a week of clean eating.
and that’s it, friends!
oh! i did a video about it too that you can watch right here.

here are the basic supplies i am using:
Heidi Swapp Memory Planner: http://amzn.to/1JjGktY
Sharpie Fine marker – black: http://amzn.to/1iHFF0g
Tab punch: http://bit.ly/1KpvaHS

happy listing!
xo andrea


3 thoughts on “saying hello to bullet journaling”

  1. Ah I just found your post via Pinterets. Love, and I mean LOVE, the way you set up your bullet journal. And I love your take on it – not a lot of money spent and well thought threw. It actually reminded me of a video I watched to today from Miss Vicky Bee…its long but so worth it. Authentic and real she talks about how you don’t need to spent all your money at ones and how it is better to try out with cheaper option. Maybe you like it. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/lFb3J3UtnV0
    Have a beautiful day!
    xx, Ronja

    1. i found this one at office depot. the blue lines don’t bother me because i have always used graph paper and i guess i just got used to the blue. but i would imagine that some have different color lines.

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