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one little word 2016 // quality

hi again and welcome to 2016!!

it’s that time of year for fresh starts, clear ideas and a new ONE LITTLE WORD. this project was created by ali edwards. click here to find out more about it.

i have chosen many words over the years and unlike my previous words – this word didn’t come easily. i actually had two other words chosen. then i had one FOR SURE. i even did an entire 2-page layout introducing my word for 2016. but i began to feel like it was empty and not really something that had any possibility of changing me. that word was HAPPY – and my layout ROCKS by the way.
the other word i was pulled to was OPEN. but it wasn’t inspiring and not very action-y. although i had made a pinterest board and was preparing myself for the change from HAPPY to OPEN, something just didn’t sit right. this feeling was very overwhelming as i lay awake at 3am a few nights ago.

when i was browsing ideas and inspiration for OPEN, i ran into an amazingly creative crafter who had the word QUALITY the previous year. i stopped for a moment and within 2 seconds i had already come up with a list of things i could improve upon with this word.

that was it. QUALITY is my word for 2016. seriously. i’m not changing it. no really. for sure!


1. producing or providing products or services of high quality or merit
i feel like this one gives me the possibility of improvement in many areas:
these are the categories i will focus on with some high-level action items. i have deeper goals within each of these that will make them more attainable throughout the year.
TIME: use my time wisely with the people who need me the most. unplug more often.
HEALTH: eat clean foods and maintain good eating habits. workout with purpose and goals.
STUFF: maintain only physical items that bring joy to my life. complete a whole house purge of unnecessary junk.
ART: create art with passion and purpose. create for me but inspire others.
WORDS: speak with truth and positivity. learn new words. less cursing (let’s be honest, that’s never going to go away completely)  
i have some habits to kick and some mental blocks to jump over but what i love about this project is that it’s not just about what you want to change – it’s an opportunity for an action plan.
so here’s to another year of trying to be better than we were. let’s just do our best and not beat ourselves up when we fall. let’s go for progress – not perfection.
andrea xo

3 thoughts on “one little word 2016 // quality”

  1. Ahhh and I just commented on how awesome your word HAPPY was! But I love this one too. I was in between COMPLETE and BRAVE, but after listening to Elise’s interview podcast with Ali Edwards, I decided to stay with COMPLETE and see what it does for me.

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