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hello forever planner walk-thru video

Hi & hello!

My name is Andrea and I am a liar. 🙂 LOL – totally kidding – kinda. I have professed that I “am not a planner girl” and I am here to tell you all that I actually am. My history with planning goes back to summers when I would make my own TV guide schedule for the shows I wanted to catch during my days at home. Oh yeah – it was like that. I have always been a planner/listmaker/task oriented person – but this planner craze had me confused and overwhelmed. Until I found the Hello Forever Planner from Studio Calico.

So today – you’ll never guess where I am guest blogging – OMGoodness I am so excited!!! I’m on the Studio Calico blog to take you inside my new Hello Forever Planner. This planner has just the right mix of personality, fun and freedom and I hope you click on this link right here —–> click here and check it out!

But wait – there’s more! There’s a video walk through if you missed that on my YouTube channel. That video is right here:

Photo Feb 13, 1 37 30 PM

Thanks for joining me here and at Studio Calico!

Happy planning!


6 thoughts on “hello forever planner walk-thru video”

  1. thank you so much for this post. This is my first year using a planner that is not my phone. I bought the hello forever planner at the beginning of the year,but have struggled with how to organize it. Now i know where to begin. THANK You!!.Loved this post!!!And of course i have to ask how did you create your monthly project inserts?i love them!!

    1. Hi Kristi!! Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled that you can feel comfortable in your planner!! To make the custom inserts I just used Publisher (Word would work too) and created a doc with text boxes and lines. You can make it flow however you need!

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