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illustrated faith // blessings or lessons devotional

blessings or lessons

Many of our milestones could easily be categorized into either a lesson or a blessing. When you really think about the cards that life has dealt you (or the cards you have dealt yourself), how do you play them? Did you learn from it or were you blessed by what you experienced? Did you just brush it off and move on and thank God that he protected you from something else? Or worse, are you still hanging on to it while it sits unresolved in your heart?

I have definitely experienced all of the above. Even before this devotional – I have wondered why this or that happened and asked God to show me if this was a blessing or if he was trying to teach me something. Most of the time he was trying to teach me, because clearly I needed it! But other times, even losses, were blessings. Sometimes when you’re in the thick of it it’s hard to see – but with some time things usually becomes clear.

So having this topic in a beautifully written devotional by the gorgeous Stephanie Smokovich (owner of Bella Blvd) means that I get to really dig in and take a look at each of those stages or events and see where they fall. Or maybe I will even find some milestones that I hadn’t seen this way before. Maybe God will reveal something that’s still unresolved and help me resolve it. Maybe He will let me enjoy the new friendships I have made through getting out of my comfort zone. Maybe He will do the same for you through this devotional!

kit sneak

I am excited to see where this devotional takes me – and YOU! If you haven’t yet picked up the latest Illustrated Faith Devotional, head on over to the store and grab one for yourself!

For more information on Illustrated Faith, visit the community where you can connect with other bible journalers as we worship God through art. You can also find inspiration from all over by searching the #illustratedfaith on instagram!

Enjoy your day!
Andrea =)


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