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Chatting about Pocket Page Problems with the Scrap Gals

hey crafty babes! how are you? are you having a heat wave where you live? oh – maybe you’re in Australia and it’s winter! well – i have something exciting to share and it doesn’t matter where you live!

about a month ago i posted on instagram and facebook that i was talking to The Scrap Gals for an episode of their podcast. i was sooo nervous but i honestly had no need to be. they are such amazing hosts and made the whole conversation super comfortable and fun!podcast prep

the podcast is up now and you can listen to Tiffany, Tracie and I chat about all the problems we face when scrapping pocket pages! click on the Scrap Gals logo below to head on over to their site where you can listen there. or head over to iTunes and subscribe – their topics and conversations are super fun!

Photo Jul 25, 10 21 33 PM

happy scrappin’!
andrea =)



2 thoughts on “Chatting about Pocket Page Problems with the Scrap Gals”

  1. Andrea,
    I was really jazzed about your ideas on the ScrapGals podcast and I’m ready to get back to scrapping period. I was amazed that you cut up all your paper into pocket page sizes and I wondered if you had tips on adjusting them, to journal. for example if I have a flowery back ground, I have a tendency to cut a white piece of card stock and cover the flower to make the card a journal card. What other ways do you make a 3×4 patterned paper into a journal card?
    thanks and take care – Julie

    1. interesting question!! but first i am so thrilled that you are back into the scrapping game!! it’s so fun!
      okay so i think in the scenario you’ve described I would use a few layered labels to add journaling, or maybe cut the white cardstock smaller so it still leaves the pattern showing. or use an embellishment that had open space like a shipping tag or a circle with lines.
      thanks for listening and coming over to chat. hope this helps!!

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