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2017 Bullet Planner Setup + video


Welcome to my 2017 Bullet Planner. A new simple way for me to keep track of life without spending hours making it pretty. My goal for this year is to treat my planner like a mix between a pretty planner and a bullet journal.

I’ve filmed a Look Inside my setup and then have some additional detailed photos of things I added after this was shot.

I hope you enjoy seeing how I’m working in my planner!

My notebook will be kept in the front pocket to allow me to jot stuff down easily.img_1668


I keep my planner accessories in a pouch so they are always handy.img_1664


Here’s what I’m keeping in the pouch and these are the main supplies I’ll be using to keep it simple. I’ve paper clipped the 4 collections so I can easily grab them from the pouch.img_1663

I’m also keeping smaller embellishments in these 3×4 pocket pages so they are more easily accessible.img_1667

Hope you have enjoyed a peek inside my setup. Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Happy planning,

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