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Illustrated Faith >> Doodles to Live By is AVAILABLE NOW!

A brand new devotional kit is available at! Just look at all of that yummy doodly goodness! (* please note: ink pads, washi samples and pens are not included in kit)

The first thing I do when I get a new kit is to add other items that I can use with it like pens, washi samples and ink pads. I like to test out the colors to make sure they coordinate well.  And so I don’t hold an entire roll of washi tape hostage with 1 kit, I use plastic thread bobbins to wrap a small amount of coordinating washi onto and I keep them together on a small book ring.

I’ve already made it through Day 2 of Doodles to Live By and am really loving the topics – all things about YOUR STORY! The story that God wrote for you can be documented right here! There are really tangible prompts and lots of room for doodling!

I have loved this devotional so much already! It’s right up my alley with documenting stories and memory keeping. And it’s available NOW! Head on over to to pick up yours and use code FAITH25 for 25% off your entire order – STOREWIDE!


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