2 Crafty Babes Workshops >> Coming Soon!

I don’t know about you but school was always better with friends. Doing fun stuff with your best girls was the highlight of those days! So why should that change just because we’re covered in drool, paperwork and responsibilities? Adulting can still be fun – which is why I created the new workshop series 2 Crafty Babes!

I have some really fun workshops lined up and each one will be hosted by myself and another awesomely crafty babe! I want to do crafty things with friends and I want to showcase the talents of the girls who I adore! So I hope you’re up for some fun this year!

Below are the classes that will be available later in the year so be on the lookout for announcements and info as we get closer to releasing them.

Pocket Perspectives: A Pocket Scrapbooking Class for New and Experienced Crafters
with Alyssa Duncan
Instagram: @mrsalyssaduncan

*Get tips, tricks and video lessons from 2 different perspectives: Alyssa is a new-to-the-game pocket page crafter and I am an experienced multi-style crafter. There will be something for all types of pocket girls in this class!
$25 registration. $20 pre-registration and early-bird sign ups. (more details soon)

FALL 2017
Getting Stitchy With It: Hand Embroidered Lettering & Art
featuring templates by Kristy Taylor
Personal Instagram: @kristymakes
Lettering Instagram: @kristyletters

*With a few sketch concepts by me and made amazing by Kristy’s unique lettering style, I will show you the basics of turning a sketch into a hand embroidered piece of art!
$25 registration. $20 pre-registration and early-bird sign ups. (more details soon)

Classes will be online, self-paced and full of info! Keep an eye out for more details soon! And if you just can’t wait – try another workshop that’s already available – click here!

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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