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Felicity Jane >> Something to smile about

Hello sweet friends! Today I am sharing a 6×8 pocket page over at the Felicity Jane blog using cards and die cuts from the Willow Kit from May!

I had these selfies of an outfit that was a wonderful color match so I grabbed cards that represented how I was feeling in these photos.
Something to smile about by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

Because these photos are for my personal album I can decide the theme or mood I want them to have and sometimes I just choose to keep it simple. I was just feeling like I was in a good place so using the something to smile about card was perfect!

I added a tab and puffy heart to it and then doodled some dots and pluses on it to pull in some of the black text and rough messy feel of the brick. And to balance it out I added a flower and more doodles at the bottom.

Something to smile about by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane


Using the pink flower here to layer on top of some pink swooshes makes it feel like it just belongs there and doesn’t cause too much distraction!

Something to smile about by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane
On the bottom cards I used a striped journaling card and then layered the gorgeous floral tag on top. Those flowers kill me they are so cute!
Something to smile about by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane


I felt great about how things were going that day and week and month so the stamp sentiment I chose is meant to represent that I get to choose my path, even if it’s unknown. I love it! And I had to add more doodles to make the cards feel cohesive and that’s the finished page!Something to smile about by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

I hope you enjoyed a pocket page layout today – I love creating in pockets!
Until next time,


Products used: May Kit – Willow 


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