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RetroHipMagazine Update + FREEBIE

Doing a new thing means learning what works and what doesn’t. #retrohipmagazine is supposed to be interactive with these sweet 3×4 cards that can be trimmed right out of the magazine.


But what I discovered is that the physical magazine’s pages are a bit too thin and you can see the stuff on the back side of the cards. (*if you bought the digital version then you won’t have this issue.)

Well, it bugs me because I want the pieces to be useable and not just something neat but ends up being annoying.
As my gift to you – from now through July 14th – the spring set of 8 cards will be available for download in my shop for FREE with the coupon code ROOKIE. 😉 Even if you haven’t purchased the magazine, you can grab these too! It’s my gift to you all for just being awesomely supportive! ❤️

Once the Summer Issue is available on 7/15, the code goes away and the Summer set of cards will be available for a free download for anyone who purchases the Summer issue (the secret code will be in the magazine) so you can get a clean set of cards. Then the Spring cards will be available for purchase.

Thanks for hangin’ with me while we work out the kinks! And don’t forget to use the #retrohipmagazine hashtag if you make a project using the cards – or anything from the magazine! ❤️

Hugs, Andrea


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