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Boss Babe Business Binder

With an online shop, a magazine, a YouTube channel, being on several crafty design teams and the business stuff that goes along with all of this – I was in desperate need of more organization than what my A5 planner could provide.

What I love most about planners in general is that they can morph and change for whatever stage you’re in. In my case, I didn’t have the space I needed to keep all of these things organized and tidy.

Once I realized I needed more space, I just grabbed my favorite spiral graph notebook (I’m a grid girl) and began putting all my brain dumps and sticky notes onto random pages until they made it onto a more workable task list.

That only worked for about 2 minutes when I realized I needed even more structure.

Enter the empty 3-ring binder that’s held many previous projects over the years!

If you are up for watching the video where I talk through all of these photos instead – watch that here:


I clipped a RetroHipMama logo to the corner and picked my favorite pencil and pen for making notes and lists.


Okay, let’s take a look inside! (Oh, and I’m sharing this in photo form instead of video because there are many things that I can’t show you and it’s hard to hide those things in a video.)


The dashboard is made up of a few things that I’ll list and then get into with some more detail:
LINED MINI POST-ITS: I glued the back of a couple of mini post-it pads right to the inside cover so I can easily grab one to jot down thoughts or lists.
FLIP-UP HALF PAGE CALENDAR: I created a blank half page calendar to keep track of dates and deadlines.
RIGHT NOW TASK LISTS: These lists change often depending on what needs to happen so I use a piece of patterned from Felicity Jane that I can stick different sized post-it notes to and remove them when I need to change them out.


I’m blurring out these photos as the items on my task list are not for public consumption but you get the idea of what we’re looking at.


I have 6 months of calendars back here, and they are hinged with washi tape (which needs to be reworked). These allow me to fill in dates and deadlines and then continue on to the following month without only having 1 month available at a time.


Because this is located on the inside cover, I secured it with a paper clip (which serves double duty on the front for the logo) so the pages don’t go flying around when I close it up.


The right side houses all my current lists. These tasks are separated by “place” the task lives like “shop” or “magazine” or “future”. Before they get to this stage, they’ve likely been on a random sticky note with other thoughts or they’ve been dumped onto the main pages within the sections (we’ll get into those next).


Here’s a closer look at the lists in action.


I like the weight of the FJ papers because they aren’t super thick but aren’t flimsy either!


I keep blank pages of graph paper behind it for adding to the different sections.


The main sections are the different areas of my business life. (I recently removed the podcast tab since the show is discontinued and will replace it with YouTube)

I made these sections by punching out patterned paper with my tab punch then I typed the titles on clear sticker paper using my typewriter. I did glue them to the full sheet but added the staples for some extra security.


This is what a typical section looks like. Lots of thoughts. Notes from podcasts. Design ideas. Sketches. Lists of things that will eventually make it to the Right Now List.


Here is a sneak peek at what I call the Master List. This is EVERYTHING. This typically happens with larger projects like the magazine. I make a GIANT Master List from all of the smaller notes and then will break it down to smaller (more manageable lists) of actual coherent actions for the dashboard.


My other sections get more or less interaction depending on what’s going on.


The retrohipmama section holds some older sketches of how the logo came together and some essential billing/business stuff that’s no fun at all. 🙂


The final section is simply a pocket folder that keeps the most recent version of Retro Hip Magazine for review purposes. This version is all marked up!


I’ve found that this works for me right now and hopefully you’ve been able to grab a few pieces of inspiration from this little look inside.


Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for being here
Andrea =)

3 thoughts on “Boss Babe Business Binder”

  1. I love that little half page calendar. Maybe I don’t stick with planners long enough because I don’t change it up during the year. Hmmm….but then I’d need to hire somebody like you to set it up and reorganize lol!

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