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Join the #RHMagProjectChallenge

Hey girl! I have a fun new activity for us to do together so we can get the most out of the next issue of Retro Hip Magazine!

A lot goes into the interactive elements of each issue and my goal is to make sure we’re using them, myself included. So this season, we’re doing them together!

For 5 weeks, beginning a week after the Autumn issue releases, we will begin with a weekly challenge that focuses on one piece from the magazine.

The challenges will all be sent via email (not posted on this blog) so if you want to participate, please start by signing up for that email list here. If you are already on my newsletter list, you’ll need to sign up for this list as it will be special for this challenge.

Here’s the tentative schedule and how it will typically will go after each issue is released.

10/5: Autumn Issue releases! This week it’s giving you time to print materials or wait for your printed copy to arrive in the mail.
Week 1 (10/12): Complete the Autumn Listing
Week 2 (10/19): Complete your Autumn Goals Worksheet
Week 3 (10/26): Make a project using the Autumn printables
Week 4 (11/2): Complete the Rapid Fire Questions
Week 5 (11/9): Try an outfit using tips from the Fall Fashion article

If you purchase the magazine in either format, you’ll have access to all of these items so just play along with your physical or digital pages. OH! If you buy the physical from blurbbooks, be sure to download these pages in digital format so they are easier to work with.

autumn magazine - challengeGRAPHIC
If you don’t purchase the magazine, first of all, what are you waiting for? You can grab it here when it releases on 10/5/2018! But if you just want to participate in the challenges, the printable pages are available for free through 10/19 only, then they will be available at the regular price of $3.50. They will available in my shop on 10/5 when the Autumn issue releases.

Once I send the weekly email on Friday mornings, you are welcome to begin posting your projects using the hashtag #RHMagProjectChallenge and we’ll continue to use this for future issues and challenges! You certainly aren’t obligated to take the entire week to complete one challenge, you can take as much or little time as you need. Some friends will join late and that’s okay too!

I’m super excited about the interaction and fun we’re going to have together! I hope you’ll come along!

Stay hip & crafty!


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