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Stamping Tutorial featuring Citrus Twist Kits

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a tutorial over on the Citrus Twist Kits blog and I’m pumped about it!

Who’s ready to get stampy? Today we are going to create a whole page of stamped sentiments and it’s going to be easy! I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of having this beautiful cluster just the way you want it, and then you basically have to take it apart to adhere it all back together. Well I like to avoid frustration in my scrapbooking so I found this stamping trick to be super handy when stamping multiple on the same page.

Start by selecting all of the stamps you want and place them down (the right way, with the backs facing up), arranging them to your taste and design idea. My idea here was a collage look with variety in the sizes but being careful to spread out larger stamps evenly so it didn’t feel cramped.  I used all stamps from the Badge Maker set and the Little Things set.

Once I had all the stamps down where I wanted them, I grabbed my acrylic block that was big enough to cover all the stamps. If you don’t have a block big enough for your design, then do these next steps in smaller sections and repeat.

Lay the acrylic block down on top of the stamps and press firmly in order to get each one to grasp the block.

Carefully pull up the block from side to side or top to bottom, but do not pull straight up, and all the stamps should come along for the ride! Now you have a block with all the stamps exactly how you wanted them!

Even though I photographed this next step with the stamp pad on the desk and the stamp block on top, I would recommend the opposite. Lay the acrylic block on the back side down on your table and press the ink pad onto the exposed stamps. This will allow you to see the ink coverage better so you make sure that all the stamps are inked evenly.

Depending on the ink pad you’re using, and how big your overall design is, you might have to work quickly. I use staz-on and it dries fairly fast so I had to ink-ink-ink super quick to get it all covered.

At this point you can stamp it down. I always eye ball stuff but you can pencil out a frame to guide you or make little markers with washi so you remember where exactly you wanted to stamp.

That’s it for the stamping portion – now it’s time to decorate! I added puffy hearts and die cuts to the stamped page to add color and fun!

On the opposite page I built a fun photo cluster using cards and die cuts from the gorgeous Little Things kits! The wood grain background is from the 6×8 papers and I basically want all my backgrounds to be this pattern!

Here’s another look at how the two pages work together. I feel like the open feeling of the stamped page balances out the heavy cluster on the left page. And because I used coordinating colors and shapes on both pages, it pulls off that balanced look.

Thank you so much for joining me today for this fun tutorial. Go check out all the goodies available in the Citrus Twist Kits shop this month!

See you soon!

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